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Hello, everybody. And welcome aboard on this course and mastering. I am an eight of us. My name is Nicholas Moye. On this course, I'm just gonna talk about the prerequisites a little bit about myself and learning objectives that we're gonna go through. So pre Rex for this course is you need to have in a dubious accounts.
Ah, you need to be familiar with commonly used service to the eight of us. Like easy to s three already? Yes, things like that.
Um, specifically I am because we're talking about that. And then, you know, it's always helpful to have a native of certifications, so if you don't already, I encourage you to go back. Take a look at the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification course that I created here on cyber ery Ah, review. That's going to take the exam if you want.
Um, not definitely not a hard press prerequisite, but I do recommend it cause that we have a general idea of what is going on here. And the cloud, Like I said, my name is Nicholas Boy. I Macleod, security engineer with over six years experience and I t and security. I'm also in AWS Certified Solutions Architect,
a SZ faras learning objectives. In this course, you're gonna learn about I am users, groups, rules and policies. You need to have an understanding of
the key pairs for E. C two instances and and kind of what we use that for. We're talking about security tools and you're gonna learn about AWS organizations, which is kind of a newer service as of late, but is actually very helpful. So we're going to talk about that a little bit if you're excited and ready to join me, I look forward to seeing you in there.
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