Managing Performance of the Governance System

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to Lesson four point for managing performance off the governance system. My name is Alejandro Gonna, and I'll be your instructor for today's lesson.
Learning operatives of this lesson is to identify and understand the performance management off. Many organizational instructors identify and understand that performance management off information items and finally identify and understand the performance, performance management, off culture and behavior.
So ah, performing management off organizational structures on the Although not generally accepted
on most of the time, not formal, no formal metal exist.
Assessing organizational structure is a very important part off your governance system.
Covered defines a list of points that should consider when assessing the performance management of your organization instructors. First,
successful execution of those processes and practices for which the organizational structure or you know, also known as rolls, has a can of Italy and responsibility or a and the letter A and the letter R in the Rossi responsible accountable consulted any form chart.
A second is successful application off a number of good practice for organizational instructors says. For example, the organization instructor is formally established. The organizational structure has cleared. Documentable will understood mandate operating principles are commanded.
Regular meetings take place as defined in the operational
operating principles. Delegation off authority is implemented in a meaningful way. Escalation procedures are defined. Applied, for example, just a mission. A cop
and finally successful application off a number off organizational instructor management practices are applied. For example, argue teas for the performance of the organizational instructor are identified. Resources on information necessary for the organizational structure are identified, made available
and I located and use it.
Interfaces between the organization instructor and other stakeholders are managed to ensure both effective communication and clear assignment. Off responsibility are finally regular. Regular evaluation result in the required continues improvement off the organizational structures.
Those are just mention a few example
off a successful application off, you know, best practices for the organizational instructors. Then we have
performance management off information items.
In this case, um,
the information item component up for a government system or off i t is more or less equivalent to the process. Crossword products I described in the coverage framework, governance and management argue Tibbs
Well, they are not generally again, not generally accepted or formal matter exes for assessing information items
you can you know have arrested a reference or a good point to stand. If you take a look at carpet, the enabling information publication this model defined streaming
quality. Great. Curious for information.
Two. Actually
measure the performance management on the aforementioned items. The 1st 1
will be, ah, information should be intrinsic. This mean that the extent to which the data valleys are in conformance with the actual true values remember that improve its lessons. We said that
if their financial, for example, information for for our CEO is incorrect
by decisions could be made and you know that there will be a problem. So when you say we're saying Trixie intrinsic, we need to consider things like accuracy, objectivity that the data is believable reputation off the data stores, you know, and so on.
Then we have a contextual.
This just means that extent to which the information is applicable to the task off the information user on it's presented in an intense, intelligent, intelligible, clear manner. Recognizing that information quality depends on the context off the use as well.
Right? So ah, here we can say things like relevancy, completeness ah, currency appropriate amount concise for presentation, consistent representation interpret ability, understand ability, ease of use or manipulation. For example, just a couple things you need to consider
when we you're measuring the context, fall
information of criteria.
And finally, we have the security privacy, accessibility, basically security right. The extent to which the information is available on, you know, secure availability, you know, extent to which the information's available were required because the data kid can't be right can be, you know,
it had a kid could get have relevance. He can have the contextual and all that it means can be intrinsic. But if it's not available, is you know it well, what's the point? Right?
And finally, we have the performance management of culture and behavior
for culture and behavior Are governance complaint issued Be possible to define a set of desirable on under several behaviors for good, for good, for good governance and management of I T. And to assign different levels of capability to each
covet 2019 framework, governance and management operatives defined aspects of the culture and behaviour components for most operatives.
From there, it is possible to assess the extent to which these conditions and behaviors are met.
You can create your own focus area. A such enterprise has its own culture on desired behaviors. Some enterprises decide to create an acceptable use policy, which contains a more detailed set of desired behaviors. You can always go to I sack about ark forward slash carve it
for some pointers in guidance for this
ah specific area
mentioned one point to consider when assessing the performance management off your organizational structures, for example, for successful execution of the practices for which at the organization instructor in this case, Rolls has accountability and responsibility. That's one point you need to consider.
What does it mean when we say that information must must be intrinsic will remember that we saw the information reference model, which has three basic information quality criteria which is intrinsic, contextual and security, privacy and accessibility.
Intrinsic just means that the extent to which data Bally's
are in conformance with the actual or true values itself
in today's video. With this cause, the performance management concepts off the organizational structures, information items and culture
supplementary materials. Again, I cannot
send you to another material that that is not a sack us because at the end there's the database that contains all the information into know about carpets up. There's no loose. You can always go. Bill it again. I always recommend you to do that. But again, if you can get your hands on these publications, it will. It will help you not only to apply
Carly, but also to win the certification.
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you get the video and talk to you soon.
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