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This lesson covers how to manage the project team. Managing the project team is the process in which team performance is analyzed and feedback is given. When managing a team, it is important to have knowledge of conflict resolution as well as strong interpersonal skills. Project managers also need to have keen skills in observation and appraisals. [toggle_content title="Transcript"] The last process in human resource management is to manage the project team. Manage the project team is the process which the team performance is analyzed and the feedback provided. This process creates change requests, project management plan updates, enterprise environmental factors updates and organizational process asset updates. The inputs in the manage project team processes is human resource management plan, project staff assignments, team performance assignments, issue logs, and work performance reports. The tools that are used are observation and conversation, project performance appraisals, comfort management and interpersonal skills. What are all these. The one thing is kind of weird for this is an output for this process is normally an input for other ones. The output is the enterprise environmental factor updates. If you are going to require new skills, you are changing your organization, so you are changing the way you guys do business. An output could be enterprise environment factor updates and organizational process asset updates. As you are evaluating your team, you could be changing templates or things that the organization could use. Change requests, if you have a problem employee, you are going to be submitting a change request requesting permission to remove an employee from your project. That has to be formalized. Having it formalized mean you are making changes to your project management plan. Remember your project management plan has a plan for every knowledge area. For this one you will be changing the human resource management plan. What are your tools, observation conversation. One of these tools, you will be visiting that part of the work center. You are basically trying to resolve any conflicts that are going on by talking to your team members or just by observing what is actually going on. Project performance appraisals, this is setting the standards, could be evaluations or team evaluations and comfort management is trying to get the most of your team by resolving issues that could be with the team. You are basically making sure that the ground rules are set, standards are being met and interpersonal skills which we covered under the previous process are your soft skills. What are the five PMP comfort resolution techniques to know? Collaboration and problem solving, compromising and reconciling, forcing and directing, soothing and accommodating, and withdraw and avoiding. In collaborating and problem solving, it is trying to figure out what the problem is and resolve it. This is known as the best way for conflict resolution according to PMI. Compromising and reconciling, is trying to get a middle ground. So each side of the parties are trying to give in a little bit in order to solve the problem. Forcing and directing is known as the worst negotiating of conflicts. The worst way to handle conflict. Under forcing, I am telling you, you need to do this or you will be fired. Smoothing and accommodating, this is trying to avoid the problem. So the problem could be a person showing up on time, rather than addressing that, you are going to try to divert the conversation to something else. Withdrawing and avoiding is not considered to be a PMI way of negotiation. You are not being active you are just going to avoid the problem altogether. In summary, we will finish the human resource knowledge area. For this process, your inputs are human resource management plan, project staff assignments, team performance assignments, issue logs, work performance reports. Your tools are observation, conversation, project performance appraisals conflict management, interpersonal skills. Your outputs are, change request and project management plan updates and that's concluding for the knowledge area. [/toggle_content]

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