Macon House Authority Part 3

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Video Transcription
we're wrapping up here in making Bibb County Housing Authority by looking at the training budget, the implementation deployment and the shiny new results of their security upgrade. You know, it's it's interesting. Everybody involved in this makeover has said it. It's not just the protection,
it's also the visibility. Absolutely. I mean, if it does happen, at least you can find it. We can find it quickly
and shut it down and contain it, and then goto work to fix it.
So you've got em for endpoints. Now you've got a full Edie are correct, has the ability to not only detective vulnerabilities but also prevent the execution. And should something new get through that no one's ever seen before, it could go back and contain it. Rest upon, you know, information. Yeah, right has the whole Cisco ecosystem. Talas.
All of those things that we're lacking before are now in place.
So let's talk a little bit about the process of the implementation, the actual deployment. So I know that the Ingram plays a huge role in enabling the MSP in this case, you t g u t G. Of course, implements for making give me an idea kind of
Let's start with Ingram's influence on this whole process. Yeah, sure. When you two g first came to us and we got started with this whole
Cisco security process Ah, big part of that was giving them the deep technical training that they were going to need. You know, when installations like this came up so rammed through the technical certification classes this wells as set them up with our solution center engineers so that they could work, you know, hand in hand, one on one. These guys right here, man. I mean,
we deliver enterprise high security because of what Ingram does for us
training, pricing things of that nature. It's a relationship that really want to touch on that pricing, that that's always a key factor with us. Budgeting is always not my number one concern, but the people are report to it is their number one concern.
You know, when your price shopping between distributors, a dollar safe now doesn't necessarily mean a dollar safe later,
and you know, being able to connect with the distributor MSP and work together for everything not just one element of a business really does make sense
because you guys were in the same ditch with every product that you deal with, not just security, not just Cisco. And the benefit goes directly to the customer. So yeah, and we saw that benefit. We had a couple of different options we're looking at when it came time to do these upgrades on and the solution we chose ultimately was not the cheapest
when you're looking at the bottom line.
But the difference was the features we got with that the value was better. Even if I like reports. So you're you're sleeping better. That's right. Good. What keeps you up at night now, But certainly not my network, mostly just crowing chickens. I guess
we've not had any attacks, I'm happy to say. Since the makeover occurred, I have seen through the visibility of the reporting and the alerting that attack attempts have been made. But now I can see it happening. I'm aware that it's happening before it happens. So my big question is, how much more work is it for you
to see this extra info? Since this installation, I've taken more days of vacation than I ever have in any Really. Why is that? Because I can. I had to be there before, had to be responsive and reactive. Everything that occurred, my jobs easier now than it's ever been from a cell phone. I could do just about anything now that would have taken me, you know,
minutes or hours from my death before. Wow, that's that's great right there.
It's great to have technology that's protecting you. It's even better when it eases the administration load or, you know, streamlines your operations. That's fantastic. Well, thanks, Brad. That was awesome. Thank you so much for having us. Well, we're glad to have you here. We're glad to have Cisco's one of our partners. We're glad to be a partner, so so happy that we could do this makeover for you. Thank you. Great.
Thanks for joining us on Macon. Bibb County Housing authorities Network overhaul
This is Mike Storm signing off on another season of Cisco's I T. Security makeover keeping business safe across the globe. One customer at a time
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