Macon House Authority Part 2

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Video Transcription
We're talking through the specific threats Macon Bibb County Housing Authority has faced and how United Technology Group worked with Ingram Micro to assess the situation and help to overhaul their security infrastructure.
A couple of times we had some malware attacks. They ended up encrypting data and in the worst of those attacks are server got encrypted on. Although that data never left the network. We've got a lot of personal dated with the makeover you TG came in helped you install some new hardware. You've got some new software.
So when Utd came in and did their assessment, we found out we needed some some hardware layer protecting.
What they did was they came in and replaced all the switches at our headquarters as well as our remote sites.
We put in new routers everywhere. We did the 2800 series here at our headquarters in 1900 digital remote sites. Then we have created our firewall to the A s a 55 16 Serious firepower services. That's right. We run firepower services on that and with the firepower services, we've got the am for networks.
Okay, which then ties into the Amper in point that we have on every one of our client machines. So you've got all the correlation, all the retrospection, all the trajectory. All right. Good stuff to really see your network. Great. Any other. Any other services air you you don't like? This might be a great time to bring injuring on commerce. You t j from you. TGS
Andrew from U T G. How you doing? Good. How you doing, my good man. Good to meet you. Tell us a little bit about United Technology Group and kind of what you do here and make it. I'm the compliance security officer. Unite Technology Were made service provider out of Atlanta. You provide
cloud infrastructure, security solutions making big, but had some security incidents and they had reached out to us and asked for some assistance.
We get an assessment, Would you find a way? Found there was some serious gaps. Like with a lot of businesses we come into. They've been sold a bill of goods here. They're a piece here, a piece there, and I don't necessarily come together. So we brought that that correlation. We filled in the gaps of that puzzle for
tell me a little bit about the relationship that you have with Brad and also the DJ in general.
Brad is the guy that does it all it, making it and knowing the size, the organization, the number of locations he has. He needed help. So he brought us in. And what we do is way augment what his needs are. We given the extra manpower, the extra hands to do the things you need to do
and the extra expertise it allows him to provide that high level enterprise class security infrastructure that he needs.
Would it be fair to say that the kind of data stored here would be low hanging fruit for attacker? Oh, absolutely. So you have an organization like this that isn't necessarily been a big technology adopter, and what they will do is they will find these kinds of organizations knowing that they're not gonna have to spend on security.
What keeps you coming back to Cisco?
I would say it's the security ecosystem, and then the resource is we have access to so Cisco engineers that I have on my program in my phone that I can call it a moments notice. I know a couple of talents scientists. So it's a huge win for us to have the resources. It's a true partnership for us.
So tell us a little bit about your relationship with Ingram Micro, the global technology distributor. Amazing. These guys are in the ditch with us trying to provide solutions that we need to do. We have dedicated Resource is Francisco Resource is at Ingram that help us always hear good things about anger. Microbe.
Thank you,
Kevin. Welcome to Macon. Thank you, My good. Amita. Great to have you here. Wanted to bring you down here kind of where all the maintenance happens. Let's measure the effectiveness of a Cisco security solution. What do you think? You have enough take? Keep going.
So Abram is a worldwide technical distributor, and where we fit in is helping resellers like you tg throughout the entire process of their business. So starting out with offering them industry expertise, miss while Astrada recommendations a swell throughout the sale cycle. So pricing and then also all the way through.
So I understand that you actually have Cisco badged folks that work with you in England?
Yes, correct. We actually have 12 individuals from Cisco that are working directly in our Buffalo office, both from a sales and even perspective as well as a technical perspective. Wow, very cool. So Cisco must be pretty important to you guys all extremely important
who in the Williamsville office weaken set up just about any systems solution that Anger Micro South's in our solution center classroom. We have 22 seats available, and each seat is loaded with a PC as well as monitor, and it's going to be set up in a way that's customized for whatever training we're going to be running.
Some of the most popular demonstrations and trainings
they were asked to provide through the experience Center certainly would be Cisco firepower, as well as the management Center for Firepower and also threat defense.
Join us for the final installment of Cisco's I T. Security makeover for making Bibb County Housing Authority
will wrap up with a close look at making bibs new and improved security ecosystem.
It was just the Wild West here on our network. Any body could go anywhere and doing things.
So what we've done it may be a county housing authority. We have surrounded ourselves with champions well, takes one to know one. Well, e, I hope so
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