Macon House Authority Part 1

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Video Transcription
high on Mike Storm cybersecurity principal engineer with Cisco. Welcome to another edition of Cisco's I T. Security makeover. Today, we're taking a look at a full Cisco I t. Security upgrade for the Macon Bibb County Housing Authority in you guessed it. Macon, Georgia. Hey, Brad. Thanks for having us today. Hey, Mike. Good to have you here.
Tell us a little bit about making housing authority and kind of what you guys do.
Well, our our primary goal is to help low income individuals find houses. But here at making housing, we like to take that a little bit further. We like to make sure that they don't just have a home, that they have a nice neighborhood that they can live in. So, behind us here, we've got some new construction going on. We're gonna have a high rise for seniors here.
We just finished another site down the road and we'll be building some multi family dwellings behind us.
We've helped a lot of people. We help about 5000 people a year through the conventional public housing program, the Section eight program and in a low income housing tax credit program. Our mission is to add value to our community and the lives we serve through quality housing. The home is the
is the anchor for the family absolute. So without without it, it's very difficult to operate in society. And so once you have that basic need taken care of,
then you're a lot better situation. We've got somewhere in the neighborhood of 7000 plus units that we feel we've got about 110 users and kind of the one man show for that answer. All their needs problems. That guy variety guy. That's right.
You know, this is really impressive, right? Can we go take a look? Absolutely. You have to wear one of these. Brought my own. Let's go.
So this is your main headquarters on. And how many remote sites actually connect back to this location? We've got 12 remote sites that are part of our mesh network and then another two or three that have VPN tunnels back. Our main headquarter users at every one of us. So 110 points of attack 100 vulnerable spots. That's right. You've had a couple of
ransomware incidents with some PC's. I've heard that before. Security upgrade we had four or five different incidents where individual users were impacted. They would click on a
A file from email and get a RANSOMWARE attack. Each of those resulted at a minimum in that user losing all of the data on their machine. In the most severe case, the user had some elevated privileges on the network and actually our data Surber, who's actually encrypted as well. So in that particular scenario, all of our data was lost.
Thanks to the good folks at Utd, we had some great backups in place.
Within about six hours time, we were able to bring that back. What would it actually do to your organization? Should you have, Ah, data breach where maybe your data was locked. So in our case, that's gonna be a lot of personal information on a whole lot of individual way. Have about 7500 units at any given time. But our database contains everyone who's ever applied everyone who's ever lived here,
including people that no longer live here. So
there's a lot of names and other information out there that if that were to get out, it could be serious damage for us.
Yes, Ransomware on hacks make us nervous. Obviously, in our particular line of work, we see a lot of people every day. We have a lot of data. We can't afford to be down. We cannot. We cannot afford to have downtime. Way have caseworkers. We have accountants. We have property managers. It's great to have a team in place.
Our computer expert Brad
and his team, U T G. In place to make sure that that kind of stuff doesn't happen so we can focus slope solely on our customers. There you have it from the good people that making big county housing authority keeping families in homes and hackers at bay.
Next up, we're taking an under the hood peak it making bibs full makeover fix to Cisco, United Technology Group and Anger Micro. Don't miss it.
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