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Welcome to this disco CCMP switch 301 15 Example. Of course, my name is Philip. Mention Ali
on In today's episode, we're gonna focus on load, balance it by default. The switch to use this source mark address
for a low distribution across support channel.
So the switch looks at the incoming pockets source. Mark addresses
and then makes a decision how it's going to distribute a traffic across the poor channel.
You may want to change this method, which is which uses dependent on your particular needs within your environments to change the load balance in method. For us, you are one of you the existing load balancing method So you really see the Commander Show Eater Channel load violence a note between load balance. We have a hyphen next from global configuration mode, we would issue the command for channel
load violence and then we would specify
a load balancing method we would like to switch to use. On a last step would be the very fighters which is updated the load balancing method for the poor child's. So you would see the command show eater channel load violence. I'm gonna bring up a lot no. So we can work with a little bias and methods here on an awake or one that's for us. Look at the default load balancing method.
When you see the command show eater, channel load balance under the section that say either channel load balancing configuration it say's source mark address. So by default this which is gonna load violence, makes on a source mark address of the incoming packets.
Now the change, Lord, Violence and method. We will go into global configuration mode
on a common is poor channel
load violence
on here We have the option of specifying which Lord Byron said metal we would like to use
if you want a little body is based on a destination, I Pee wee would choose the forest option. If you want a little bonnets on destination Mac address, we will choose the second option.
If you want a load buying space and a source on destination I p address, we would use this option.
Likewise for the source and destination back on. We can also load violence based on a source like the address. So for demonstration purposes all true source. I p
There we have it. That's how we would change the load balancing method for poor channels within the switch. Verify we would re run the show either channel or Brian's. Come on and this is going to conform. Doors I p address. All right, let's go back to the slides.
We have a post assessment question Which command balances traffic based on source and destination. I be over a poor channel.
A phone with an interview subcontract gration mortally sick Amanpour Channel load balance SRC for source Fiesty for destination I p r b From within the interference off configuration mode, we see the command for Channel Lord violence SRC for source dash i p r c for within global conflagration More We see the common
for channel load violence
SRC for sore stash DSC for destination da sh i p
On answer is C from within global conflagration mode we see the command for channel load balance SRC was sore slash fiesty for destination Dash i p raise lecturer Focus was on load balancing across support channel for us We verified exist in load modern submitted and use
Next we changed a little bottles in method
and finally we were fight the little bias and method was updated in the switch. In the next episode, we will look at The Eater Channel, Miss Configuration Guide. My name is Philip. Mention Ali, and I want to thank you for choosing savory.
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