3.3 Live Systems Lab Part 1 EH

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9 hours 47 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi. Welcome back to the course. And the last video. We finished up our discussion on DNA zone transfers.
In this video, we're gonna perform a check for live systems.
Now, the requirement for this lab is gonna be the cyber environment. So I'm using the lab environment for Cyber Re. Now, you can run these commands in your own Callie environment, which I showed you in the initial section how to install that stuff.
However, we're not gonna cover the particular set up or using the commands in your own environment. So we're staying strictly through the cyber environment on this lab
in this lab, we're gonna use two different tools. Ready? Use and map in h pink three. And we're just gonna run a couple commands in each on our goal here is to identify any live systems on our target.
So Step one of the lab logged into the saberi labs, which I've actually already done, and then also step to select the ethical hacker practice labs
that will bring it to this page here.
Now instead, three word A select performing a check for life systems lab. So that very top laugh here obviously already completed it, but we're gonna go through the process, so I'm gonna go and click on that.
Next. We want to click the start button here. That's gonna poke the actual lab for us.
So you'll see. Step number four was clicking that starting button and then step number five. You want to turn on all the virtual machines now? Minor. All on here. If any of yours were turned off, just cover your mouths over the particular machine and it should say, turn on right up in this area here. Just click that to turn it on
Here. For some reason, you do Turn it on and it still doesn't pull it up or you get an air message. Just click that refresh button the last option there that should get it going properly.
So let's go back on our lab document here. Our next step
is to connect through the V NC viewer to get to the Cali machine. So we want to click on this win 10 decks stop, which I've already clicked on here. But to click on any of these machines here, just put your mouse cursor right over the name. They're just click on that and that'll bring it to this particular machine.
All right, so we're gonna double click on that to open it up. So let's go ahead and do that now.
All right? So you see a little pop up box there,
So step number eight tells us that the viewer launched what you did here.
Step number nine. We want to type the address of the Cali machine now, generally, by default, it should just populate that I p address in there for you. And we see that does match what we have in our lab document here.
So we're gonna move on to step number 10 and just we're just gonna click the connected button.
So this button at the bottom right here, just click on Connect.
Now he's gonna ask us for a password.
So we see in step 11 we see the password here. Now, this is a zero right here, not a no.
So we're gonna go ahead and type in the password.
So Capital P and then lower case A s S w the number zero and then a lower case R in a lower case D on. Then either hit Enter, it is click. Okay.
and it's gonna start pulling up the Cali box. It might take a moment of Soto pull it up all the way there. If you get this little air meshes, just say okay to that. There's nothing you have to worry about in this lab.
All right, So now you see just a notation there that we should see the Cali desktop. So in this lab, we just wanted to go into launching our Kelly desktop, and then we're in part two of the lab. We're gonna learn how to look up the I p. Address of our Callie machine.
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