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Video Transcription
Hi. Welcome back to the course. In the last video, we just looked up our i p address of the Cali machine. We also looked up our Ethernet interface and our loop back interface names
in this video, we're gonna go ahead and start using n map. Were to type one command basically to look up different host. We want to see if they're up or down Essentially.
So let's go ahead and get started. So under part three here, we're gonna go to step number 17. So we're gonna take this particular command at the command prompt. So N map space dash lower case H, which is guys. So you just gonna show us to help file that for N map? So is going type that now. So
n m a p a space and then a dash lowercase h
We're just gonna press enter on her keyboard.
Might take a moment or so, but it's gonna eventually pull it to help file for us. So we see that we've got some different information here that we can look at
now we're in this particular video. We're not gonna go over all the land map commands were just using one of them.
However, there is a resource document that I want you to download That's gonna have a listing of many of the common and meant commands that's gonna help you in your career as a penetration tester. And also, if you do decide to end up taking something like the certified ethical hacker examination
So we've typed in that command toe. Look, the hell file. We see that they're so let's move on to step number 18.
So now we're gonna type this command here, So we're gonna type in map space,
Lower case Dash s end. So that's allowing us to disable port scanning and specially descending ping request. So it's not skinny and imports,
and then we're just gonna put the i p address range that we want to scan.
So let's go ahead and do that now Sworn to type and map
space dash, lower case s N
Space, and then we're gonna go ahead and type R i P address here the 1 92.168 dot 0.1 slash 24. So forward slash there So again, 102.168 dot 0.1. Ford slashed 24. So let's go ahead and take that in now. So 1 92
dot Let me actually click on it. There we go. Battle Hymn 1 92
0.168 dot 0.1 and then the forward slash,
which is normally near the shift key on your keyboard. I'm not sure how tech savvy are. And then
24 So that's gonna give us arrange. We want to scan it didn't just press enter on your keyboard.
All right, you're gonna see it's gonna start going through the process here. It might take a moment or so to go ahead and pull up the information.
So and map is a great tool and back dot org's Eliza website address you can go to. They have a lot of information there. There's also some books published on the subject as well for N map, and it's a great tool to use a ce Farrah scanning goes toe. Look at information to see what might be out there for you to use in your pen test
so we can see
the different, uh, I P addresses here that we're scanning. So here 1 92.168 dot 0.2
1 98 168.0 dot one etcetera, etcetera.
Well, we also notice here is that we see that the host is up here. You see, the host is up here. Here. Eventually. All these host are currently.
So if you go back to our lab document,
here's question number one. So are these Are the host up or any of them up?
So, yes, we see that all these air actually up. And then the next step here is to write the I P addresses. So on your document. Go ahead. Just jot down all these i p addresses. So the 1922.168 dot 0.1
same thing there dot to dot Ford 5.250
We're also going to see the Mac addresses of these particular machines as well.
All right, so we just want to put all that information over lab document.
So in this particular video, we just went over a basic and map command again. There's a resource document that you need to print out that's gonna list a whole bunch of command so you could get a lot of practice within man.
And the next video, we're gonna move right into H pink three, which is another tool that we can use.
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