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Video Transcription
looking at the bottom left corner, We can see two options here. Layout and elements. First, we'll go over the layout button. This button gives you the options to change the actual layout of the slides. This is for the header footer and other objects within the slide.
The layout button is a lot like the colors, theme and animation buttons we went over previously, as you do not need to change any of the settings here as they have already been set bythe Cyber 18.
Now the Elements button right next to this gives us some interesting options for adding items to our slides.
This will give you nine items that you can add to your slide like additional text boxes. Images. Icons are bullet points.
This is a great tool. If you need to add something extra to make your slide pop,
I'm going to choose this first text box option. And as we can see it, let's me just click and drag this around the slide, allowing me to place it wherever I want, which is great.
The one downside to these elements is that beautiful doubt. A. I will not change the layout of your slide based on adding in these elements. So you will want to make sure that anything added does not cover or obscure any of your other content. Because of this, you might want to sparingly use thes elements.
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