Layer 2 and Layer 3 Port Channels

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welcome to this Cisco CC, and he switched 301 on five example. Of course, my name is Philip. Mention Ali on In today's episode, we're gonna focus on layer to one layer tree Poor channel. Interface is you can choose to configure it earlier, too. Poor channel or earlier tree poor channel within your switch
by default aboard, charmless, created of Earlier to Winterfest. If we want to create a Lear to access more poor channel, we would use the Interface Range Command.
A nanny would specify switchboard more access, followed by Switch Port Access villain and specify the villain i D. And finally, we'll assign the ports to the poor Channel. On the other hand, if you want to create a Lear to trunk Mort pour channel
well, go on early into faces using interests were in command on any word for specify the encapsulation pipe. And then we would specify the strong type, whether it's dynamic, desirable or a dynamic auto or trunk. And finally we will assign the ports to the poor channel where the channel group come on.
The steps to create the layer tree for channel for us would create the logical for channel in the face, but using the interferes Commander specified poor channel. Specify the poor channel lady. After this, we see the command. No switch port on this would convert the poor channel. But we just created earlier tree poor channel
by default. A poor channel is created as a leader
to poor channel. So any see the notes Switchboard command. It converts the poor channel formally to totally a tree poor channel. After this, we will assign earlier tree parameters such as an I P address. And when you're finished Contractor. An airport shuttle. We would go to the physical interfaces variety and to free its range command on Danny would also issue that no switchboard command
on there. The physical interferes is
finally really see the child group command that signed the physical interfaces Tautological, layer tree, poor channeling into fees. I'm gonna bring up a lot. No. So we're going to see how we would set up a layer to poor channel on a layer three poor child into fees. We're gonna set up a layer to poor channel for trunk in between and white core one on an Ori court too.
Using the fast at 102 Entry on 10 24 Interface is currently both ports are separate sacs of sports. The first we're going to change encapsulation fight. I'm going to create
a manual trunk. And I'm also gonna tour enough GTP negotiation over the final step.
It's the same. The physical ports to the poor channel currently there. No Port Charles. I'm going to create an L A C P poor channel. And there we have it. We have just created a Lear to four channel for trunk in. Now we can look at a conflict for the poor channel. Sometimes the conflicts aren't
merit across that. A poor channel. So you would need to copy the conflicts on the physical interferes to the poor channel interface.
There we go. No tick on fix. Much is
on. All of the ports are. We can see our ports are working on. We can see the protocol is Ellis icky? In addition to this, if you look on a report channel column, the letter s indicates it's a Lear to poor channel from the legend up here. So this is a quick way we can identify you. The poor channel is a Lear tour later tree by looking at the letters on her report. Colonel column
If it was a layer tree poor channel,
we would see the letter R. So I'm going to do the same conflict over and an away court.
In this case, the convicts were copied across. But if we scroll it back a bit, you'll notice that it's the exact same sequence I took when I configured reports and and white core one. So that's just something you should keep in mind when you're contributing Port Charles. Great. So you can see the letter p indicating a poor child has been established
over on an OIK or one. We can also see the letter P year.
Okay, very funny. The poor child is actually a trunk in the face. We can use a command show into peace trunk on here. We can see for Channel One a nerdy showing the piece from common on all the villains. My default are load to traverse the trunk link. No, to create a lyric tree for channel first, I'm going to remove existing porch channel.
I'm gonna also remove the conflict some under the physical interfaces so quickly of removing the conflicts on the two physical interfaces. I can use the default
in the fierce. Come on.
Great. So now both of the interfaces are back 30 default steep. No, I'll create my portrayal in the face. And I used to Come on. No switch port this converse. My poor channel interference from there to the letter tree. Now I can assign an I P address After I was finished. A sign. A military information on the porch all in the face. I would then go under. The physical interferes is
on. I would easy to Come on. No switch sport
on. You'll notice. In addition to the north, switch port Command under two physical interfaces. There's also this command No, I p address because he would put your earlier tree information on earlier tree Poor Charlie interferes So no, I'm gonna sign a physical interfaces to the poor child interferes!
Awesome! No wonder The poor channel column We can see the letter r this any kids that the poor channel is eroded layer tree into fees. We can also confirm this by looking at the road and table
and you'll notice the 1 90 to 1 68 10 network is directly connected. The poor Channel one.
In addition to this, we could use a short game to free his brief Common.
When I play pit, exclude the on the same address.
Unjust display in the faces that has i p address assigned
on anarchist. You can see the poor. Channel one interferes has an I P. Address a scientist. So I'm gonna go across the entire court to create the layer tree. Poor Charlie interfaced with the same sub net.
And I'm gonna use the dot to i p address over and anyway court too.
Great. So no one and 1/4
We never wrote it in the face created when we can see an I p address assigned the poor Channel one the 1 92 Not 1/60. Not can not to like a dress, No doubt. Imitations is the test for connectivity. So I'm gonna try the thing.
The 19216 years. 10 not 1 90 over. And an oik or one.
Awesome. So this proves that we have established layer tree connectivity between an awake or one and a week or two.
He was in our laywer tree for channeling the fees
All right, let's get back to the slates.
We have a post assessment question which command converts a Lear to for channel deliver tree.
sick sport,
be no switchboard or C M. L SQs
on Answer is B no to export from the interfere sub configuration mood.
In the day's lecture, the focus was on Lear to one Lear tree. Poor channels forest. We configured a Lear to poor child for trunk in, and then we verify that all of the villains were passing across the lyric to for channel trunk.
Next we configure it earlier tree poor Charlie in the face. And finally we tested for layer tree rich ability across the layer tree poor channel interface.
In the next video, we'll call during our journey with poor channels. This time the focus will be on the various load balance and methods available for poor channels. This is Phillip. Mention Ali and I wanna thank you for choosing savory
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