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Video Transcription
So laptop theft? Um,
that's a That's a big thing. Real. Ah, it's kind of the the problems and issues with with laptop Fifth, probably over the last
45 years. Really? Um, you know, really came to light, especially after the big va incident. Even though
even though that wasn't, you know, an actual laptop that was stolen. That was actually there were hard drives. Removable hard drives are portable hard drives that were taken.
It's an issue that is really, uh, no, come come to light. So you know what can be done about it? Um,
the I mean, really, the big, the big, the biggest. And the best thing is, is hold this encryption encrypting, encrypting the entire hard drive. That way, you can you protect the data, it's on there. So even if you know a laptop is stolen, even if someone
yanks out the hard drive out of a laptop,
you can ensure the security of of the data. That's that's on that disk. You know, other methods for protecting laptops such as? I mean, laptop lockers, cables, those air good. Those air good measures for, um, spur of the moment tow, protect against kind of spur of the moment
You know, if you are if you just have a laptop sitting somewhere and someone walks by and they see it's it's not tethered to a cable, it's, you know, it takes five seconds to walk over, grab it and walk away. If you have a lock down, it'll certainly help prevent against those kind of attacks.
It's not going to prevent, you know, someone who's determined attacker.
You know, if someone really wants that laptop on, they have the time. The resource is on Does laptop cables. They're not, you know, the most robust in the world. I mean, they can easily be snipped if you have. You know, Bolt cutters are anything like that. Um,
so you know, it's not gonna prevent against a determined attacker.
But, you know, it will protect your laptop against kind of, ah, you know, crime of opportunity
on then and then theft tracking
software. It's also an option. Um,
if I mean in that case, that's not really gonna protect the data that's on the drive. If the laptop you know, the value of the laptop, you know, is is
value to the organ organization, you know if they if they would like to recover, you know, they're they're hardware assets, then you know, having some kind of, you know, theft, tracking software, you know, it may be may be worthwhile toe have, but
probably. And in most instances, for an organization, the most important thing is gonna be the data on that on that drive. You know, I'd be willing to bet that you most organizations will be willing to take the loss of the actual laptop as so long as they could ensure that
that whatever data was on that drive
was protected
laptop theft prevention tools. So these are just some some examples of
tools that could be used for if the laptop is is is stolen that he usedto kind of do a phone home type of thing. And, uh, alerts, you know, their organization of where they might be.
Project my mike amuses called Safe. Safe for a whole whole description. That attempt right to drive, right? Yeah. And that's actually Yeah, that That is definitely a product. I think these products, these air,
I think these arm or, uh, actually, no.
It's a hybrid of the
kind of tracing tools and the
encryption tools. Yeah. Say food is definitely
okay. Very good. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I still work for for the for the Government Accountability Office and that, and that was that was a product that they used on their laptops was safe.
So you know, some tools X Toole, computer tracker so that, you know, that's a tracker Z trace. That's another. It's another kind of tracker. True crypt. That's a It's a free We're free. Where? Encryption tool. It can be used for whole drive encryption. You can also use it for
encrypting things like
thumb drives are even just having, you know, encrypted file container on a nun encrypted hard drive or or or thumb drive.
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