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LAN Technologies: Base T This lesson covers the Base T standard. A Base T standard is what categorizes a network and tells us what its base standard is. Base networks give us a means to describe the speed, medium and the distance limitations of our network. These standards are good to know when documenting a network and also useful for the network plus exam. The different standards are:

  • 10 base T

  • 100 base T

  • 1,000 base T

  • 100 base Tx

  • 100 base Fx

  • 1,000 base X

This lesson also discusses the following fiber networks: - 10G base SR

  • 10G base LR

  • 10G Base ER

  • 10G Base SW

  • 10G Base LW

  • 10G Bae EW

  • 10G Base T

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