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Hello there and welcome that. It's Cisco CCMP switch 201 15 example. Of course. My name is Phil intentionally, And in today's episode, we're gonna focus on either channel
in particularly L E C P pack pee on manual. Oftentimes your links in your switches are gonna become congested as traffic start to grow
progress. This concern you can bundle multiple links to create what is known as an eater channel on either channel creates a logical interface known as a poor channel. Now, this is very handy when you're dealing with spine entry within your switch network because usually smiling tree would block secondary physical links.
Unknown yellow, one physical link
we clean switches on. The beauty about the poor channel is that the poor channel appears as one link despite entry. But in the background, report channel has multiple links bundled that is, carrying traffic across here to well known protocols. For negotiating an eater channel, we have L S C P link aggregation control protocol. This is an open standard
on me off back p, which stands report aggregation protocol. This is a Cisco proprietary protocol.
Additionally, if you prefer not to run any sort of negotiation protocol. You can instead chose manual.
This is gonna manually form Anita General between two switch but do know you'll have to set both ends of the links
to be manual so Anita Channeling would not be able to form. If you have negotiation happening and one in on you have manual on Aryan are the steps were setting up the channel, we're going to use the interpreters for inch command. I would specify the start in port number, followed by the end import number. A noted middle of the port numbers say how you feel
between the interfere sport numbers. Next step would be to shut down. The interferes is
before you do any, eat their channel configuration your switches. It's always recommended to shut down. The interface is on the door. Step would be to assign a member ports tell poor Channel, so it would you see the Command Channel group or it specify the poor channel group. Everyone reports to be assigned, followed by the keyword mode,
and then we would specify the mode. If we use an LCP or POPPY
or if we're using the manual mode, I'm gonna bring up a lot knows we're going to see how we would set up a meet the channel between two switches. We'll set up a neater channel between an alloy core one on an AmeriCorps to using the facet net 10 20 Tree on the fast net. 10 24 In the faces on both switches for us, a little configuration and awake or one
corny. Both ports are set. Those axes sports Soto apply the conflagration the both ports at the same time. I really use the interface for inch. Come on from here. We'll set up our trunk in options for us, so it's Swissport trunk encapsulation 0.1 Q. Not l Convoy. The Porta trunk For
with the switch sport more trunk common. Next, I will turn off DTP negotiation
with the sweet sport. No negotiate, Come on.
So you can see our conflict so far
for both ports. Now we will configure Poppy to form the Eater Channel, which is the Siskel Proprietary Protocol. I'm going to use the Channel Group Command. I will use Channel Group One on a mode and I'm going to choose desirable, which is going to enable pack P unconditionally. There's also the non silent option,
but we'll use the default. This is going to create a layer to four channel into fees. Now, in some switches,
the conflicts are copied over to the poor channel. When you create a poor channel after you would have entered the previous commands. However, in this case, you need to manually port over those conflicts to the poor. Channel interferes. So just keep that in mind. It is gonna very between switches.
So you want to keep double check in as you go true, you can fix when you're setting up your poor channel. They ensure the conflicts much between the physical on. A logical interferes. Great. So covert and work or two. I'll posit video and do the same conflict over in. And why court, too
over here in a week or two and choosing the auto mode off Poppy. And this is going to form the E channel for us to verify the Eater channel.
We'll use the show, eat their child summary. Come on. In here we can see
the poor. Channel one s means it's a layer to poor channel. We can see the protocol. It's poppy on the two Port Star bottle. We have to fasten that 10 20 tree on the fast and the ones you're 20 for the p mean it's bundled in a poor channel. I really you would want to see P if you saw another letter such as D,
it would mean that the poor child poor is very long.
But in an ideal situation, this is what you would like to see. There's also what options such as Show eater, channel we can press enter on. This is going to give us a brief overview for the core in groups that are set up in this case, we can see it says group one on. It's a lair to we have to ports maximum of eight ports.
We can also use the detail option and this is gonna give us even more information.
All right, now I'm going to set up a DCP, so I'm gonna go to configuration by using a default common
for more than devices.
No, I'm gonna turn on L A C p.
I'm gonna choose Active,
Active is gonna enable Felicity unconditionally
near Regal.
Currently we can see it says I wish mean it's stand alone, so I need the Contra greater are in. I'm gonna pause real quick and convict her are in a CE placid on and wake or one Great. So no one and like or one have set up Ellie CP mode as passive,
which is gonna enable l S E P only if l a c P devices detected.
There we go. Now we can see on the protocol. It says L E C P
and we have the p
next, The boat of the interferes indicating that both interferes is are bundled within a poor channel
on its earlier to poor channel.
So that's how we would set up Elliot C. P.
You know everyone to configure Anita Channel unconditionally without any negotiation protocols. So I'm gonna got a conflagration on both in the faces on both switches, and I'm going to use the mode off on
now. This time on the protocol, there's no protocol listed. I'm gonna pause and then I'm going to do the same contigo foreign and wake or two. So I finished the contract here and and why court too?
Now both ends
have the moat set on, which is gonna for Maneater Channel unconditionally.
Now we can see there is no protocol listed under the protocol column
on both in the faces are bundled in a four channel.
So that's how you would set up back P L A C p on the manual mode, which is on or Glasgow Bathrooms lines.
We have a post assessment question which command configures and Eater channel without negotiation.
A channel protocol l E c P
Be gentle Group one mode on or C
l s E P Port Priority one
on answer is B channel Group One Mode on a nice word for money to channel unconditionally without any negotiation.
In today's lecture, the focus is on either channel. First, we configured lcp when we looked at the rarest Ellie CP Options. Next we configure it Paki
and finally we configured the manual mode
which forms an ether channel unconditionally.
In the next video, we continue it either channels. This time the focus is gonna be on Lear to one lira tree for channel in the faces. This is Philip pension only. Anyone. Thank you, which was in cyber
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