Key Takeaways - Integrated Host Security

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35 hours 10 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome back to Cy Berries. Come tere Certified advance secreted Practice. Ners certification Preparation course.
Here is a list of the learning objectives which were discussed in previous videos. What we did was a mystery began the prices by discussing whole security controls. Then we moved to the topic of application development. Security,
then how to secure data operating configure cloud security operators cure virtual environments. Mobile device security. Let's not turn our teacher toward the final topic, which is the key takeaways integrated whole security.
Now during the presentation, we learned that port of computers and devices that closely resembles standard desktop computers. We also learned that tablet computers are portable computing devices modern and a portable computers larger than a smartphone and focus on the ease of use below that the mobile device can easily be lost or stolen and use the news public external networks for the Internet access
Attackers can also eavesdrop on transmission
and view Service is to identify the location of person carrying a mobile device. We learn to support that to savor those features, turn off those that do not support the Bennetts. We also discussed some process of where you can actually lock the screen to prevent the mobile device being used on to the user. Enter the correct Pascoe. We also learned that mo device that contains, since the data
should have the data encrypted to protect it.
We also learned that at the corporate level, decision must be big about who can access data before it's downloaded on a mobile device. We'll discuss that mobile device. Mansion tools allowed advice to the mansion remotely. We also discuss mobile application. Mantle, which consist of two service, is responsible, discriminating and grandchildren access to these APS.
We also discussed Jewel Fence, in which uses a device GPS to define
geographical boundaries where APS can be used and I upcoming topic would be moving on to discussion of margin number six, and the tighter is secure development. I look forward to seeing you in a very mixed video
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