Key Takeaways - Incident Response

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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome back to Cy Berries Cop Tia. Certified Van. Security practice. Ners certification. Preparation course.
This is a continuation of marginal 11 witches. Title isn't response.
Hear objectives that which encompasses margin. I'm 11.
What we're gonna do now is trying to toward the discussion of a key takeaway, which is titled Incident Response.
Doing this particular position, we believe really discuss the chain of custody. We learned that it shows who control the evidence, who secured the evidence, who obtain the evidence. We'll discuss the continuity of operations, plan our coop where it doesn't consider all especially effective about his ***, including function, system, personnel and facility.
We list and prioritize the service that need it, particularly telecommunication and 80 function.
We learned it in response. Plan includes identification off
classifications off and response to an incident.
We learned that attacks are classified as is, and if they are directed against the Empress asset
have a realistic chance of success. Good threatened, competent Charlie, Integrity, availability of your information
embrace. We learned the embrace responses more reactive than proactive with exceptional planning that muscle courage of repair in response team to be ready to react to an incident. We learned that a forensic investigation is that Gavin and analysis of all crime related physical evidence in order to come to a conclusion
about the suspect investigators would look at the blood, the fluid fingerprints,
hard drives, computer. Other technology. X step is how a crime took place.
We learned that in mercy Response Plan is established organization, structure and procedures for response to major murder see
an instant response plan is a systematic and documented method of approaching and managing situation resulting from Artie security incidents or breaches.
We also didn't discuss the item of a recovery poor objective opposite as a difference. When you look at recovery point of jet, it describes the interval time that might pass doing disruption before the quarter of data lost during that period exceeds that business continuity plan Maximal are both our solar Taurus.
We learned that the recovery time objective is, in fact, that the race sometime
and a service level within which had been his process, must be restored at the disaster in orderto four unacceptable consequences. Ah, social to breach in continuity.
I want to thank you very much for your teacher detail doing this particular discussion of this particular course with this tighter, the cyber is comped here, certified advance security practices, of course. And again, I wish you much success in your future and devils and I look forward to seeing on future training presentations.
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