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35 hours 10 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to Siberia's cop Tia Certified a Van Security Practitioners Certification Preparation course.
This is Martin number 10 and the title of this picture margin is identity management. In fact, this is a key takeaway from marginal Metin.
He had objectives which encompasses this particular module.
What we gonna do now is focus our attention on the key take away from this particular presentation on Marshall, which is title. I did it in management.
There's some things that we learned or discussed doing this particular Marshall. We took a look at access control. We learned that it's
involves granting on the nine approval to use specific Resource is we'll discuss the physical assets control would that met, and we learned that it consist of fencing heart word door locks. Man tries to limit contact with devices. We also highlighted the topic of technical access control, which consists of technology restrictions that limit uses on computers from
access and data.
We also just be discussing the four Standard access control models during this particular marja is well,
we learned that the motive vindication refer to using two different types of factors for authentication purposes. We learned that the two different types of vindication. Factors might be a typing password and a thumb print.
We learned that provisioning is the process to create modified disable and delete user or accounts to include profiles with an implant, technology, infrastructure and associate applications. We learned that multi factor authentication and in terms of what it meant in terms of if example, if you employ, you can use a smart car, something you have
and a pan something you know
that become multi factor authentication, as was a fingerprint, something you are in a password, something you know. That's a great example in terms of multi pack that dedication. Like that hardware token, something you have when a user name and password something you know is another example off steel mo type that dedication.
We also learned that Mentor Access Control is justly were enforced by system through the use of what we call trusted computer base
some additional key takeaways. We learned that with a single fatten dedication on Lee. One fact the Jews redid redefine its work to find a term that a one way trust is an undirected authentication path created between two domains. Trust flows in one direction and access flows in the other.
We learned it. A two way trust can be thought off as a combination to
opposite facing one way trust so that a trusting and trust the main both trust each other trust and access flow in both directions. Last, we highlighted topic of transits trust, and we learned that it's a two way relationship. Automatic created between parent and child remains in active directly for us
and our upcoming topic off presentation. We'd be taking a look at a brand new module, which is titled Marginal 11
Incident Response
Look forward to seeing in the very next video.
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