Video Description

In this demonstration, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio presents a basic, high-level overview of Kali Linux. He discusses what is involved in the different aspects of data gathering, digital information gathering, and electronic methods used to socially engineer someone. This first lab* explores Kali Linux, which will be used for most of the demos in this course. During this lab, you will learn to use the private StartPage search engine that does not track your email address, being mindful of the digital breadcrumbs you leave behind. You also will learn:

  • How to access the Kali Web site (
  • How to use Kali as your penetration testing platform
  • How to download depending on your needs
  • How to easily boot Kali
  • The links for VMWare and VirtualBOX images
  • About using a VM Ware player or workstation to create a new virtual machine
  • How to boot up a virtual machine
  • How to configure your virtual machine
  • About command shell basics
  • About using CTRL-SHIFT-T
  • About the IceWeasel browser

SME Pompilio discusses a useful Web site for people new to Kali: You can use this Web site to - Learn about and how to use the Kali tools

  • Learn about and how to use the menu system (especially the Kali Linux menu)
  • Learn about the top ten security tools

In this lab, SME Pompilio shows you how and how often to keep your instance of Kali on your virtual machine always updated, and he discusses updating the tools separately.

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