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The Instructor for this CompTIA Cloud+ online training course is Justin Langham. Justin recently joined the private sector as a Systems Engineer Database Administrator, out of the US Navy. He has been doing IT work for all of his adult life and has extensive teaching experience.

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government. Everybody, welcome to say Variety. My name is Justin Langer. I was like to go over a brief bio of my history. Currently, right now I'm 27 years old. However, I've been doing this for all of my adult life. I came in activated Navy back in 2007 and that's where I first picked up as I t. And then that's where I worked on the servers.
I was a system admin
parked on UNIX. Lennox worked on Windows. Every operating system that has to do with Windows also worked with Red Hat. Once I moved up here to D. C.
I worked as an I T trainer for trainees doing cyber. I see that's where I've taught a Plus Net Plus Security Plus and Cloud Plus. Today we'll be covering Cloud. Plus, I hope that you guys learn a lot with that. We'll continue with Cloud plus

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CompTIA Cloud+

Our online Cloud+ training addresses the essential knowledge for implementing, managing and maintaining cloud technologies as securely as possible. It covers cloud concepts and models, virtualization, and infrastructure in the cloud.

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Justin Langham
System and Network Engineer