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let's talk a little bit about job hunting. Uh, and I want to mention a couple things before we actually take a look here at some of the links that are included on this slide. You know, uh,
a couple things about where, what types of companies you might work with. And I've done some research, obviously, in preparation for our webinar today, But in general, I've done some research.
Most security analysts work for computing companies, consulting firms, or business and financial companies. That's what we're seeing in the market. But we also want to mention, you know, if you're looking for a stock analyst position, but it's not available and maybe other positions within the company. Let me let me clarify it may not be available at the time that you're applying.
You may want to get your foot in the door with one position
and under I t type position another types of another cyber type position and migrate towards becoming the stock analyst. In fact, I was recently working with one student who did that. They were working, actually in a customer service position, and then they were, uh,
promoted to a stock analyst position, which was great. So also, I want to mention that security analysts are an extremely high demand, and I have a little stack to throw out for us. The U. S. Bureau of Label Labor Statistics projects that employment
of stock analysts is projected to grow by 18% from 2014 up until 2024 which is significant. You know, we're looking at almost 20% growth in this field, and it's much faster than the average for all all occupations.
And I want to also mention that demand is expected to remain high because security analysts have a vital role to play. Basically, and they're preventing hackers from stealing important information, etcetera. OK, all right, so let's take a look here. We've got a couple of lengths to share with you again. We'll make this available after the presentation.
We've got cyber coder cybersex jobs. We did put indeed on Heroes. Well, with a specifically to cyber security jobs, ninja jobs, USA, jobs and Mark, I'm gonna pull you in to talk a little bit about the USA jobs like, could you share some info with us?
Yeah. So one of the questions that I've gotta throughout the mentor program just because with where I work in, what I see is that a lot of people get on USA jobs. They read through the title and they freak out over the clearance requirement with educational requirements. And one of the things that I want to say is that
when you look at a civilian position, but then ago and obviously this is the United States
and so you got to pull some of the other things that are in there. Is that as a civilian position? You know, a lot of these two got will cover getting you this initial clearance, and it can take a little bit longer to get the job. And the one thing that they're not necessarily always good at doing is
making sure that they replied to you quickly. But you know, that's one of things that that happens. The other pieces to is a lot of these jobs
said he attended bastards again computer science. But if you read through, it does say or equivalent experience, so I would always say, if you like the job, apply for it, the worse that can happen is you won't hear anything but you know, it may gauge your foot in the door. If you're a recent graph in school, always look out for that and turn ships that are within the government.
Trust me. That's that's how I got in. And they said I was too technical, but I begged them to give me the position. And, you know, I told them that that I would do whatever it takes. I screwed up toilets, no matter what. I wanted the job, and I think that that kind of is back to what we were talking about. And then you, almost 10 years later, I certainly grown a lot.
Just something to keep in mind when you're going through it.
Wonderful. Great. Shane, did you want to add anything as well?
Uh, yeah. I mean, definitely great lengths to check out. But I mean, also, uh, is part of the inside of a pro program cyber offers job placement assistance as well. So, uh, gina mentioned, uh, you know, she'll provide assistance with
soft skills, interview skills, resume building, and then we also have,
contact. This is contextual. Circulate your
resume out to just to help for a job placement assistance
Beautiful. Thank you for mentioning that.
Very good.
Okay. And then we've got some additional resource is that we've listed here as well. There's a lot of great blood posts on cyber bury that talk specifically about the stock analyst career path. There's also open posts. There's other links on the site with a ton of content, Really, that you can go through and get a lot of information. But of course, what we tried to do today is
curate a lot of that for you and present it to you in this format. So I think we're ready to do our Q and A.
It looks like my team is nodding their heads at me. So how?
hold on for just one second.

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