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3 hours 16 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello. Hello. In greetings to you, welcome to your I tell foundation score. So listen, first thing first I want to say thank you. And I want to acknowledge that you could be anywhere in this world, but you decided to be right here with me, investing in yourself knowledge. Now, you should be proud of yourself because I am so during this course,
you will definitely gain and expand
your knowledge than I tell which will help you prepare for your future classes as well as certifications. If that's your preference within the I tell world. Okay, so during this introduction, I will cover some virtual ground rules. Um, some goals, some expectations, which is carried on throughout the course. Um, so when we go into lesson
1.1 in the introduction,
some of our course goes with by the end of this course, you should be able to define and discuss the key concepts and principles of service management, listen and explain the business benefits of strategy of service strategy designed in processes,
know how to translate service management theory into practice and execution, and get insight into various organizational design roles and on operations
as well as the importance of understanding continuous service improvements and learn the purpose of service transition and change management processes as well as, ah, lining I t with business requirements on the service level management. It sounds quite a bit, but
you understand it, and they become secondhand nature to you.
Some of the pre record sits. It was, as you can see, is having basic knowledge with I tell and service management principles,
but it's not required. However, that's why you in this class in this course, and you will be able to gain that knowledge that's needed for that and just come with the open mind. Have fun with willingness to learn new technologies, new knowledge as well as
breaking down some of those barriers within the I T. Service management that you've confined within your organization.
So before we could go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Jada Jones. I am a cyber practitioner in a life skills coach. I always point out my slogan. The key which is knowledge, empowers you. Um, I have over 15 years and I t industry, as well as
incident response and cyber investigations.
I have faithfully served within the military for more than 17 years. As you can see, some of the certifications that I have obtained.
And if you wanted to come and try to contact me or discuss anything further, you can contact me. Um, on lengthen. I am open.
I'll give you a few times a few minutes to look over that, or you can
right my Lincoln information down or a screen shop.
Okay, so we're gonna move on.
So our target, our target audience, Of course. Our target audience is you as well as aspiring I t executives, I TRT architects, operation managers, I t planners, I t professionals as well as system analysts.
So here is our syllabus. Right now, we are in module One, the introduction, and we will actively go away up to module seven, where Module eight is your course assessment, which is giving you the key concepts and making sure that you comprehended everything within the modules of the course.
Okay, because we want to the next
some of the course materials. Of course, you have a pen and note pad pencil on your side. You have your syllabus, your course assessment as well as references.
Okay, so let's get into it. Let's get into lesson. One point to the introduction to I tell
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