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Welcome back, everybody.
So right now we're gonna isolate those competing forces, right? So
if you remember back to the survey
how you felt, right, how hard it waas? How do you actually isolate? What are the dilemmas that you have? Right. So we have four different dilemmas that we're gonna go through community versus individual mercy versus justice. Short term versus long term
truth waht versus loyalty, and we're gonna start generating those options. Right? So you really felt like,
hey, I needed that option. C gonna make sure that that you can think through that process today.
So let's isolate those competing forces communicators. Individual
harasser versus top contributor and the cancer bottle over. Sibling was started. The cancer bottle over sibling. I mean, just imagine your sibling on one side, you have the bottle of cancer that can that will cure everyone that's ever had cancer.
What do you do,
right? And how do you make a decision that you can live with? So I know this was difficult for me. I know it's difficult for a lot of you, but you have to be able to isolate, hate these air to different areas and
and make sure that you generate, uh,
the options that you need to actually make a decision. Also, there's a couple of debates they're gonna go through later which was supporting your superior or the board of directors. And what are the implications of that? And then, ah, lot around Ransomware. So do you actually pay the ransom or not? And what one of the
uh huh.
Potential pitfalls associated
yes, of mercy was justice. And this is really Hey, do I take mercy on somebody, or do I stick by the rules and make sure that they have, at the rate that that were rule based right on. And that's really a decision for you, Red. And
I think you could go either way. So we mentioned a veteran of the firm that
this is the S three bucket be noticed the teammate drinking alcohol well to work. But I think the one that was most interesting to me was your project manager of Mr Deadline. Because this is actually one where we had two different questions rate. So the 1st 1 said your project manager, Mr Deadline, and it cost you the board of directors.
So essentially about 70% of people said, Hey, let go of the project manager because they
because they missed that's deadline. It cost me the board of directors.
The 2nd 1 said your project manager Mr Deadline, because their son got in a car accident.
And then and then you've lost the board of directors as a part of it, right? Or he failed in front of the board directors as a part of it. And 70% said, Don't don't let go the project manager. And so therefore, like, we appeal to that mercy side.
And so we actually saw that when you actually gotta that information
that your answer actually changes on this. So it's good to think through together that context
Georgian was long term. Does that big one right? Eso teenage son, person masters He had a thing through things like how I coached this baseball team and at the same time get my master's right or find ways to actually improve my long term growth right at it.
Revenue versus risk. This is one of the happens all the time. Specifically, we gave an example of consumer applications. They're often pushing it to market a soon as possible on it sometimes with vulnerabilities, and we're actually go through debate. After this, we can drill on the, uh on this side,
and then we're also gonna go through the ransomware debate nets. That's with Terrance Jackson on DSO. That's there's a lot of long term consequences to paying ransom. So things like, Hey, this is a municipal government and they are actually paying
for the ransom. How does this affect other municipalities going for it? And so will actually see that to be and haven't actually think through that system.
Then finally, you have troopers loyalty but doesn't fit under one of those three. It was mentioned before. So that's providing a reference for over worker that was laid off like you helped them or not. The writing of this scathing social media post. Do you actually tell on your friend to their Blair
and then the long term and played versus skills that they do? You actually let him go already, De Kate stay loyal to them and weapon continue. So the way to think about the long term in play versus skill such is pulling that that particular one out is houses actually effect
other people in the organization.
If I do this to this person today is gonna make people not stay with us long term.
How do I actually have? How do I account for the people at the company and at same time, stick by the rules?
Holy on. It seems to stay true to myself, right? To dine on self be true.
Then we have actually at a debate on drugs on dhe. Whether or not we actually saying, Hey, this person was using marijuana or not s o that's coming up next weekend, Underhill on and the next model.
So now even isolated those competing forces, right? Said anyone in value. So we kind of three different areas where you can have the greatest good for the greatest number of people universal standard, a role
and how you want to be treated to the old mob test rate. So you want to look through those three different lenses
and then make a decision, eh?
You also need to determine the level that the decision needs to be made out. So if you remember
in my Egypt example really need to think about Hey, is this done at the head office level is done at the country level or you are somewhere else, right? How do I actually make this decision? And then again, with the agent example, you gotta consider those cultural perspectives and differences
somebody in the u. K. Might be different than simile Egypt Great.
And so have headed the actual decision. How are they gonna proceed your answer to this decision?
So think about it, Grace. Good for grace. Never people universal standard rule.
And then how you would want to be treated right. And how do you make that decision a liver?
And finally,
you have to make a decision.
He had to communicate it and just know that, like, 50% of people are gonna say, Gosh, like, I can't believe that you've left your son's baseball to you to get that masters. Unbelievable, right? I can't believe you let go that bottle of cancer for your sibling. Think about how many people you could have saved
as long as you explain,
I had to make a decision that I could live with,
and I think he would do the same, right. And this is how I thought about it. And is the information that I gathered
you need to be able to do that.
We also need to put in the feedback Magnuson rate. So while people talk to you
and just keep going, right, you can always change your mind as you go through
and just don't stop until it's actually result.
It could take a while. It's just be ready.
So let me give you an example where this didn't work, right?
so another example from Egypt. I mean, look at these cute little pigs, right? So believe it or not,
swine flu was kind of a big deal when I when I was living in Egypt, and it was a swine flu in Mexico and specific. So if you remember, a lot of people were dying and put flute. And so
from cakes themselves, right? And so essentially, the Egyptian government was like, Man like, we don't want people to die of the swine flu in our country s o the end of euthanizing all these These cute little picks right away. The hawks out there
what they didn't do, it was actually consider all of the stakeholders associate ID on all the respect. It's right. So if you think about it uh, Egypt is largely a Muslim country, right? But they actually have a very large Christian population, which is where all pigs were right.
And so they actually used the pigs for eating Andan specific. There was, uh
a community about 20 miles outside of Cairo called this happening to be very important beauty, who basically had a set of hogs, right? And they were Christian. And what they did was they actually picked up the trash for inside of Cairo
thio feed their ox rates so they would pick up the trash.
Then they would sort of inorganic and organic matter. And then they feed their hogs, and they sort of the hogs and he beat from that, right?
So the Egyptian government euthanized all the hawks, right? So the Zab Zeppelin community was like,
We're not gonna take out your trash.
So who picks up the trash?
The answer was nobody.
So schools were cancelled for a couple weeks. My work was put out for a while, and essentially
there was no answer to this.
And part of it was the Egyptian government didn't consider all the stakeholders. They didn't think through the implications of taking this part out of their system. So it caused anger
from a religious community that was a minority.
It also caused them to have a lot of trash.
So think through the process. Don't be like this, right? Don't have your pile of trash at the end and actually execute upon it.
So this is a pull out, and we're gonna actually go into your resource is and go through a worksheet that's actually gonna show you how to go through this process
specific. We're gonna work on my earlier Egypt example where I was considering between wth e gender using the gender in the in the credit card decision making.
We'll see in a minute.

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