IOS Packages and Activation

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Toe. I see. Andy one. This is absolutely to five. The IOS packages and activation.
I am friend hero in a beer structure. For this course. In this last video, we went over the different configuration 1000 school IOS and how to set up some backups.
This is a recovering the old and new Iowa's packages and how to activate the different features sets of each.
So are learning. Objectives were Look at the old I was packages and the new IOS packages
and could process him here. How many days is the right to use evaluation period Will give you a few seconds.
All right, it is 60 days
are so the old I was packages they had each image has it ever feature set. Right. So you have your base image, you have your security base. You know your dad. Oh, your voice. You have all these different feature sets. Each one had its own image file or each been how everyone look at it.
And all of them were built off that I p based feature set. So I'm gonna take I'm gonna bring up the Cisco feature navigator here.
If we look at this. This was the one that we're looking at the last time for my 2021.
Um so if we look at the Ben file here,
you just want to look at
Advance Enterprise s and a Let's just go to
I P base. There were different Ben file
different ben file,
and we just keep doing that each. So each This is one router with one major release. We know,
um, each release each router. So it took a ton of space because each one had to have so many different been files or each image files off of each thing.
So what they did about 2008 was they went to this new Iowa's package, but I had one universal image for a device And what so everything was actually included in that image, but you needed an activation key to enable the future sets.
So this was nice for management of your IOS configuration files or you're You know, if you have a ton of different vices, you just had one. Consider won Iowa's image,
which is awesome. You have to go through and find four different style ones for a single device. So now I'm gonna bring up that again. And if we look at this newer router here
we have we look under here, we see universal in here now.
So let's take a look at the been file
s p a universal,
uh, go to hear S p a universal still same thing.
So I'm gonna be the same thing. But what this is looking at is the future center license. So this is saying that these features are enabled, but it's still all the same been filed, meaning that all of these are on that image. But this is just showing
what features are actually enable their activated for that. Theoretically.
So if you want to look at it, one thing you can do to start activating some of these you can go through the Siskel license portal. You can activate a lot of times your I PS modules for security features.
What they'll ask you for is that you d i so you can go on to do show license? Judy, I'm not going to show you what minus. So you can't get your future sets based off mine.
nore than you can do is your curious what features that you haven't enabled. You can look at the show license command or these show license feature, which also gives you a little bit more information.
And then if you get a license file from the show license you D I the Siskel license portal, you could actually you know, if you have it on your flash drive. Are you having a T f T P u can do license space a stall and then do the T f T p colon file name or USB zero r u S P d zero colon foul name
some like that
and the way that they actually have the evaluation period. So now is with right to use licenses, right? You can actually go and test a feature set before you buy it. Now it allows you a 60 day trial for this feature set to be used
after that 60 days, the future's actually stay enabled. It just goes with an honor system to buy the feature, saying, Hey, you know,
if you like the features you're supposed to violin from us, it's this just the honor system that allow it stay enabled, but you only have a 60 day trial
so to actually do it enable that your right to use licenses, you might have to go into license and then do the agreement, Agree to your ula first, but then you add in the license boot module and then your modules, and that you actually have to do a reload right after that. But it will actually enable those feature says for you.
So we do an episode Recap here. We looked at the old package 1000. We had multiple, most of versions of the image files for one router for each release just because each feature set was its own image file. And then you had to do combinations of feature sets for each image file.
So the new IOS packages We have one universal image for that device for that release, and then we just activate the parts that we need. Really?
So we're going to post assessment here. How long are the features enabled for the right to use feature sets give you a few seconds.
All right. Hopefully you got forever. Remember, it is the honor system.
And next step
I see anyone the actual exam. Oh, if you're moving on, I sandy tuners can take the full ccn exam by itself. Good luck to you. I really do hope you the best. I left you with all the means that
either used or didn't use. Um,
as always, if you guys have questions, need help. Feel free to shoot me a message. Or if you guys enjoy this course or if there's parts you didn't enjoy, please let me know so he can adjust it.
Thank you, guys. And good luck on your exams if you're taking him. And thank you for watching this course.
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