Video Description

Introduction to Python as a Coding Language This lesson covers the reasons that Python is a good skill to have and gives the following examples: - Python is one of the easiest languages to learn

  • Python allows for rapid development and testing which is essential for security professionals

  • There are many pre-written modules

Python is not very complex and takes in your code one line at a time. The instructor also discusses the three widely recognized levels of programming: - Low level: closest to the process and the hardest to write and read, but the most efficient and powerful

  • High level: the middle ground. Low level enough to compile into assembly and get some of the power, but there is loss of efficiency when the compiler has poor performance

  • Scripting: furthest from the processor, these usually require an interpreter and are ineffective compared to high and low level but are much easier to read and write.

Participants also learn about the Python interpreter which is what executes a Python program. It runs on a Read.Evaluate.Print (REP) loop. The instructor offers a screen by screen example of how to execute a task in the Python interpreter. Finally, the instructor offers some examples of what can be done using the following functions that are very handy and native to Python: - dir()

  • dir(object)

  • Help()

  • Help (object)

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