Introduction to ITIL

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Video Transcription
Okay. Welcome, My learners. We are less than 1.2. Introduction to I tell.
So we'll cover some of these learning objectives. What is information technology? Infrastructure library, Which is short for I tell foundations.
Why is it tells successful within an organization and provide you some awareness of the certification timeline in the certification requirements? That's just what it could be aware off. Some need to know information, administrative details.
Are you ready? Alright, so get your pen and your pad and let's get down to it.
All right, So what is foundations of itto?
So information technology Infrastructure Library, I tell, is made up of a collection of best practices found across the range of I t service providers. So, in a nutshell, I tell provides that service availability that's directly leading to an increase business profit and revenue.
So majority of the organizations and businesses that's out there they are
adopting this framework because it's practical in identifying and planning, as well as
delivering the I T services to businesses. So in order for that to occur, they had to bridge that I t in business together, for they could be able to expand within the organization, leaving them that they can actually scale their business in the future.
So why is, I tell So successful? So, I tell, is successful because its vendor neutral so it's owned by UK government. However, it's not tied to any commercial platforms it does not bind to any rules
is over. It offers a robust in time for the organization's actually focus on their other critical task and functions as well. So there's it's a course off, agreed upon best practices, so many that there is
organizations and there are businesses that's out there that's
effectively using this framework for the continuity of their business requirements. So this is the reason why is the best practice to integrate? I tell into your business structure when you're building it from scratch or where if you're in the middle and you're trying to think of how you're gonna integrate,
I said would be the best way to sit there and go.
So I wanted to give you some additional value and provide you guys with the information off the the new I tell four foundations versus the I tell foundations version three that you're currently learning now. So the I tell foundations. For Version three, we have 36 processes
following that information technology service management Life cycle phases,
which is depicted here on the slide. So is the service strategy, the service design, the service transition, the service operation as well as the continuous service improvement. So I wanted to know on here that I tell version three.
It introduces the key, the key elements in the Cabinet concepts as well as the terminology that's used in I tell. So it gives you that foundational knowledge that you need to excel to the other paths.
It also gives the four piece of service design so which is is covering the people the processes the partners as well as the products.
In short, with the it'll four foundations is brand new, and it is out there in the marketplace. It covers 34 practices, compounded with various processes that's leveraging the service value chain. Now, as you can see on Hera's well,
I want to note that the I tell four foundation. It introduces the I the I T service management concept through it
in the end operating model, and it covers the four dimensions
of the service management. So it compact. Is it compounded? Quite a few stuff from the version three in additional stuff for their side as well.
On this one, I wanted Thio bring out the I tell certification timeline where you could just have awareness of where you at now and the path the path that you can actually take. So currently, Now you're getting knowledge on I tell version three foundations. So once you become certified within,
I tell foundations Version three.
You can train up to become a media get certified all the way upto expert And when you become in that in that path that Ugo you can transition or you can bridge into the I tell four foundations with The good thing is you can the course where in the certifications that you have a version three.
It's not in vain because you could be grandfather in
to transition or bridge your current, too. I tell four foundations and start up that path of becoming a managing professional. I m P
and you could stay on that track of becoming the master on. I tell four foundations.
It's a win win situation, So you take a look with your path. You really want to truly go into and you dig in deep. Okay
on here. I want to discuss the I tell Foundation is exam information. Now this is just administrative details That's give you awareness and what to look forward to when you're getting ready to take your exam. Its's foundational level. So within the i T service management,
so it's multiple choice is 40 questions.
It's 60 minutes in duration in his closed book. Okay, yes, it's closed book. However you the test is required to have at least 26 marks in order to pass the certification.
In summary, I really hope that what I have provided you the overview. It was very valuable to you in your transition on. So I work. I was able to introduce myself providing overview of the I tell foundations in the in the path to obtaining higher level certifications.
Provide the differences in the two I tell foundation paths
and provided you some administrative details of this certification when it's time for you to take that certification.
All right. Thank you for your time. We will move on to module to and look forward to seeing you in the next module. You'll take care
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