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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome to the social engineering course here on Cyber. This is a mini course, and I'm instructor can't Underhill.
So our objectives in this course is we're gonna be performing some reconnaissance of different targets on social media. Now, one of our labs will be a fairy fake social media profile inside of the Saberi Love environment. And then we have another lab where we'll take a look at a another fake social media profile, but one that I created on Facebook.
And then we're also gonna be performing efficient attack with the social engineering tool kit or the set tool.
So same prerequisites that are gonna help you again. This is kind of a very entry level type, of course, but you will want to have some basic understanding of how computers operate as well as basic navigation skills on your computer.
It's also good to have a background in computer networking or at least understand computer networking as well as operating systems. And if you've ever taken in top of and use your security awareness course, that will help you as well. And specifically this many courses targeted towards individuals that are studying for the easy counsel, sort of fried ethical hacker examination or the camp Tia
pen tests plus exam.
So again, this is more of ah, entry level type. Of course, however, it's targeted mostly towards towards individuals taking those exams.
So who am I when my name is Ken Underhill? Is I mentioned? I'm the master instructor of Siberia. I'm also agent professor of digital forensics. I hold a masters in cybersecurity and information assurance, as well as an undergraduate degree in cyber security management and information systems.
I also hold the EEC counsel, Sir Fred Ethical Hacker as we'll see computer hacking, forensic investigators, certifications and also for easy counsel. I've reviewed the servant ethical hacker version 10 exam. So I reviewed a couple of modules on that before it went out. And then I've also written questions for the ch EF Eye exams. Well,
so what are recovering in this course? What? We're gonna cover much of one here. So the introduction to myself in the course, and then also a brief introduction to social engineering in General
module to is all about lab. So this course is targeted mostly towards doing hands on work. So we're gonna have a couple of labs. I mentioned where we look at this fake social media profiles, and then we'll also have a lab where we use the sexual or the social engineering tool kit to go ahead and craft a phishing attack. And then, of course, in this situation, we're gonna pretend to be the victim ourselves
and execute the
phishing attack, actually keep the document and then go from there,
and then march of three is just more of a wrap up in conclusion, on the courses while some other courses that you want to take a look at it.
So this course is structured with on demand video. So that's how the course is delivered. Some of that's gonna be labs, as I mentioned, actually, predominant amount of it. We're also gonna have assessment. So make sure you down little supplemental resource is section, so I'll have some assessments scenarios in there for you.
And as I mentioned with supplemental resource is, all of the labs have a step by step guide. So you want to make sure you download those
so you can go through the lab's properly.
So just a quick, pretty easy post assessment question here.
Is it true or false that I have a master's degree in business.
All right, so that was a very simple question to answer. Obviously, the answer there is false my master's degrees in cyber security.
All right, so in this video, we just talked a little bit about myself as your instructor as well. It's a little bit about the core. Some of the objectives were covering, as well as how the course is structured. And the next video, we're gonna go over a brief intro to social engineering in general.
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