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This lesson covers security and permissions in Sharepoint. In this lesson, the instructor offers a breakdown of the key concepts to be covered in this module:

  • Understanding Users and groups
  • Site Permissions
  • Creating custom groups
  • Requesting access to site content
  • Adding users to groups

Video Transcription

Scheidt laser here and in this module, we're going to go into security and permissions now. Some of the key concepts that we're going to cover in this module you are as follows we're going to walk through. In understanding both in theory and practice on users and groups.
We're going tow, walk through site permissions and some of the differences between permissions
and groups.
We're going to go into how to take permissions and create our own custom groups within our sights.
We're going to go into the content manager's role and get an understanding of how your users will request access to site content, that it exists within your pages, your list and your libraries. And finally, we're going to walk through a hands on walk through on how to add users.
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