Introduction to Computer Network Security

Course Objective
  • This course qualifies the beginners and the intermediate student to be professional in computer network security
  • The course material is based on SANS security courses content and certifications
  • The course covers the theoretical background about computer networks as well as the practical tools used in network security
  • You will be able to secure the computer networks from the design to operation by the end of the course
  • You will be aware of the concepts and tools used for monitoring the security of your network, perform penetration testing, and incident handling
  The Professor
  • Dr. Mohammad Adly
  • B. Sc. Communications and Electronics Engineer, 1998
  • Diploma Computer Networks, 1999
  • M. Sc. Computer Networks, 2005
  • Four SAMS Certificates: GSEC, GCIH, GCFW, GAWN
  • Ph. D., Computer Networks, 2014
  • Certified Instructor from Dale Carnegie
  • Professional Instructor since 1999 in Computer Networks, Security, others
  Section One:Introduction To Computer Networks
  • Lecture 1: What is a Computer Network?
  • Lecture 2:Computer Networks Topologies
  • Lecture 3: Computer Network Categories
  • Lecture 4: Computer Networks Devices and Services
  • Lecture 5: Computer Networks Transmission Media
  Section Two: ISO/OSI Model (7 Layers)
  • Lecture 1: Why ISO/OSI Model
  • Lecture 2: Application, Presentation, and Session Layers
  • Lecture 3: Transport and Network Layers
  • Lecture 4: Data Link and Physical Layers
  • Lecture 5: ISO/OSI Model in Action
  Section Three: TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • Lecture 1: Introduction to Computer Networks Protocols
  • Lecture 2: IP Protocol
  • Lecture 3: TCP and UDP Protocols
  • Lecture 4: Application Protocols
  • Lecture 5: TCP/IP Characteristics and Tools
  Section Four: Wireless Networks
  • Lecture 1: Wireless Networks Benefits
  • Lecture 2: Wireless Networks Types
  • Lecture 3: Wireless Networks Protocol (WiFi)
  • Lecture 4: Wireless Networks Devices
  • Lecture 5: Wireless Networks Drawbacks
  Section Five: Computer Networks Security
  • Lecture 1: Security Goals
  • Lecture 2: Securing the Network Design
  • Lecture 3: TCP/IP Security and Tools
  • Lecture 4: Port Scanning and Tools
  • Lecture 5: Sniffing and Tools
  Section Six: Firewalls and Honeypots
  • Lecture 1: Why Using a Firewall?
  • Lecture 2: Firewall Rules
  • Lecture 3: Firewalls Filtering
  • Lecture 4: Honey Pots
  • Lecture 5: Bypassing Firewalls
  Section Seven: Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (ISD/IPS)
  • Lecture 1: What is Intrusion Detection System (IDS)?
  • Lecture 2: Network IDS
  • Lecture 3: NIDS Challenges
  • Lecture 4: Snort as NIDS
  • Lecture 5: Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  Section Eight: Wireless Networks Security
  • Lecture 1: Wireless Encryption Protocol WEP Attacking
  • Lecture 2: WPA and AES Protocols
  • Lecture 3: Wireless Security Misconceptions
  • Lecture 4: Wireless Attacks and Mitigation
  • Lecture 5: Secure Network Design with Wireless
  Section Nine: Physical Security and Incident Handling
  • Lecture 1: Physical Security Objectives
  • Lecture 2: Physical Threats and Mitigation
  • Lecture 3: Defense in Depth
  • Lecture 4: What is an Incident?
  • Lecture 5: Incident Handling
Section Ten: Computer Networks Security Conclusion
  • Lecture 1: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA)
  • Lecture 2: Assets, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
  • Lecture 3: Risks and Network Intrusion
  • Lecture 4: Common Attacks
  • Lecture 5: Security Recommendations
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