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Hey, everyone, Canada. He'll here, Master instructor, A cyber. I'm here with Leaf Jackson, who's our VP of product and content and all sorts of job titles cause we're a startup. Good. We're gonna talk today about the grading rubrics. We want to talk to get some clarity around exactly what we're looking for in each videos and
to help you be more successful as an instructor. So
thanks for joining me a leaf. I definitely appreciate it.
Thanks. Can yet leave Jackson, your VP of content in community. Just very excited to be here when you can, um, and talk about how degree create great amazing content.
Perfect. So in this first video, we're gonna talk about the introduction video of courses and then we'll have a few more videos after this, where we talk through the general content videos as well as we're gonna talk a little bit about production quality and presentation quality as well
just because we want to make sure that you have a full understanding of each part.
So the first part on the rubric inside the intro video leaf is gonna be a prerequisite. So, what does that mean to you?
Yeah, I mean, this is really about, um if you have
prerequisites for a course. So if there no prerequisites, just state that there no prerequisites.
But in this case, you have to have an interest in building. Of course. Right. Um and you have to have at least done some teaching in the past, right? Teoh? Make it this far with our company to those would be prerequisites for us is an example.
Perfect. Eso Next up, we have overall learning objectives. So this one here in the introduction video is what are we covering in the actual course itself? So not just OK in this video, we're gonna talk about me, is your instructor, But also one of the things that should be accomplished by the user or the student
in this particular course itself. So, as an example,
if I'm having a course on Conte a security plus the learning objectives for the course are gonna be things that the person would actually need to know for the security plus certification exam.
The next thing we have is he about me. So what is what is that? Sexually, if it's just really quickly stating about yourself. So for example, on VP of content and community at Sai Buri. Just been building amazing content with instructors across the board. Uh, I have ah
master's in education leadership from the broad foundation
which is empowered me toe, uh, build instructors essentially
So next up we have the target audience, which has sometimes you'll hear is call it a refer to it as the pre assessment eso. This one here is more about helping a student that's watching that first video in your course Really determine is this course for me. Am I the target audience here or am I not the target audience? And maybe I should move on to another course,
anything that you wanna had in their lease?
Yes. So, for example, this courses for people that want to become instructors with cyber.
So there we go. Absolutely simple way to say on the final sort of part here on this introduction. One is the course materials. Now I have seen that this one can sometimes be a little confusing foreign structures. This is really going to explain to the students if there's any supplementary materials
that they're needing to be successful in this course. So
as an example. Let's say I wrote a book penetration testing, and I know that I'm gonna give away the book for free to students in the course, they can get a digital copy, and I'm gonna build the course based off that book. Right? So it goes step by step throughout the book, that would be something that I would say, Hey, students, here's the material that you might need for this course
I'm providing it for you, but go check the resource is section
of the course, and this is also any other supplementary material, not just stuff that you've created, but also outside resource is that might be beneficial for students. So we're really just trying to give them a heads up there that, hey, this material is gonna be beneficial for this particular course. Yeah, for example, for this course, this this actual rubric itself is a supplementary material to this,
you know,
um, can you do ton with labs? Great. So it's you talk a lot about how labs air used to supplement,
have the learning that you do in your video. So that's that's just great examples.
Absolutely s. So I think it's time for just a simple little quiz question. Leave. If you're okay with that, I'm gonna quiz you ***. All right. Perfect. So we talked about it. A little of the structure inside the introduction video itself. One thing we talked about was pre assessment. So
I'm gonna make it easy for you. Leaf on. We'll just do a true or false question, and we'll we'll pause for a second to give me a chance to answer as well as the people out there watching it. Wishing to this video. So the question is,
the Prius vestment is used to fully state the learning objectives for the introduction video on the course. Is that true or false?
That is false. Okay, good. Now, if Leaf would have missed that one, uh uh, we would have definitely been converting about that after the video. So great job leaf on that one. Now, in the next video, we're gonna go ahead and cover the standard course video. So again, in this video, we covered the introduction video and some of the key things were looking for in the rubric.
In the next video, we'll talk about the standard course videos that you're
they're gonna make up the bulk of your course itself.
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