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This lesson offers a breakdown of which topics will be covered in the Office 365 course. The instructor goes over the learning objectives, the hands on instructions that will be covered as well as FAQs and assessments.

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Hi, I'm shoddy. The laser subject matter expert and welcome to Office 3 65 Web Content Management Course. In this video, I'm going to walk through the course content, which outlines exactly what you the student will learn as a registered member of this course.
Each module is delivered via instructor lets sessions, which means that I shot the laser will be at the whiteboard, walking through the key features and functionality of office 3 65
Each module has learning objectives, which shows you exactly what you will learn before we go into each model.
Each module have hands on screen cast, which are video walk throughs of key features and functionality that you need to learn just to be successful. In this course,
each module will have an F A Q section, which is frequently asked questions that were developed
and compiled during the creation of this course.
Each module will have an assessment test, which is a tensed question walk through of the key module learning objectives that we have covered going into each section.
Each module have quick reference cards, which are step by step documents, which cover the key features and functionality that air covered within the screen cast. And for those of you who are on the go, this course is also available via MP three so that you can learn on the go and retain the key learning objectives for this course.

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