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3 hours 35 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to Pc Security Intermediate course.
And we are at the end. So I'm just going to do a short recap of this entire course.
So this course was about importance of Pc security and then protection of Pc security. Pc on three levels. One is how to protect PC below the OS. So it was about protecting uh
those components of PC which have the higher privilege than the U. S. Which are
uh the firmer of the components of a Pc like hard drive or process of firmer
um and then protecting the subconscious of the PC, which is U. F. I bias. So if you have your operating system which is uh controlling everything on your Pc below that the U. F. I biases running and you F. I bias is essentially
doing things that operating system cannot see.
And because of that it's almost impossible to detective. There is some kind of malware inside the O efi bios. So this was a very important thing that I was talking about.
The next point was how to protect your Pc Indio. S so I talked about the ways that OS can be attacked. I also specifically mentioned exploits and if you remember, I mentioned that regardless of type of operating system, whether it's Windows or it's max mac, OS x or Linux box.
All these operating systems have their own um uh let's say bugs which uh do not contribute to their security. So if somebody finds the way to uh exploit these bugs, this is why it's called exploit, uh then uh they can bypass whatever security you have in your operating system because it's simply faulty.
And in the end, I was talking about protecting Pc above the Os, meaning I was protecting program that run in the U. S. So it's not actually above the U. S. But it's essentially something that is not just the U. S. And if you remember I mentioned that programs is such a not so much
the the interesting attack surface for a pc. Because these uh exploits and malware written to create back doors or to collect the data or collect to to just do the key logging in. The os are much more interesting for cybercriminals than just the programs that run into it. So they are not so interesting unless somebody is using the program update
to install whatever malware you want to uh they want to to install your Pc or your pieces in your company.
So this is all about protecting your Pc, the Pc. Security. Um And thank you for listening and I hope you have learned a lot and please feel free to look at the other related courses on this. Ibori. Thank you and goodbye.