Install and Configure Network Components to Support Organizational Security Part 2

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Hello and welcome back the Saw Berries 2019 Comp Tia Security Plus Certification Preparation Course.
We're still discussing margin number two, which is the top of discussion is domain to technology and tools.
Here, again is the objective. In fact, that's one of the objectives which encompasses this particular remain
2.1 which title install configuring network components both hardware and software base to support organisations security. In fact, this is a continuation of this particular objective from the previous video.
The first item on our agenda is a pre assessment quiz.
A VPN concentrator is a single device that incorporates advanced encryption and authentication methods in orderto handle a large number of VP and tunnels.
Is that true or false?
If you said let it true, you're absolutely correct.
Here again are the topic of discussion, which encompasses this particular objectives, which was still discussing,
ranging from VP and concentrate all way down to always on VPN.
Let's begin by first defining exactly what a VP and concentrated is
When you think about a VP and concentrator is a device that facilitates VPN connections and listens for connections, form clients. It authenticates the connections and then provides access to the network itself.
Additionally, the VPN contrary to provide high performance, high availability and impressive scalability,
a virtual private network is a connection between two arm or computers or devices that are not on the same private network
in order ensure that only the proper users and data session cross to a VPN device. What we have is doubt encapsulation encryption are use.
A tonal is created, so to speak through the land
you were wide area network that might intervene.
Now let's take a look at some very popular VP and protocols. We have the Pee Pee Tee Pee, which is a network of standard for connecting to virtual private networks or BP ends.
Then we have our L two tp, which again is another popular method for establishing rvp and connections. And it's provided as an option by most in the service. Provide other words. Your eyes, people out is such as a T and T Verizon, and so forth
here again is example off the tunnel itself air wars that creates a virtual tunnel,
and what that does, in fact, it mitigates are minimized. The likelihood of someone intercepting your information all turn your information because of the virtual tonal that's created.
Taking a look at some VP and concepts. We're going to highlight a couple of these these particular concept, because again, it's important that you understand these particular concept, particularly if you're going to take the security process. Certification.
The first we want to take a look. It's called Remote access versus site. The site.
Remote Access VPN enable users to connect to the organization that worked from remote locations.
A site to site VPN is where you have two different sites, each with a VPN concentrated each site and it acts as a leased line.
I'd be sick. It's called the Internet Protocol. Security
is a set of protocols that provide security for Internet protocols. It can use photography to provide security eyepiece that could be used for the setting up of your birth or private network in a secure manner, also known as I P Security.
Let's take a look at some these different concepts. 1st 1 is Tanah Mo
Ton of Wars. Both the packets content in the haters in this case are encrypted
the tunnel motors where you're happy *** session use again as across Internets, part of the l two tp i p set tunnel.
Only the pack's contents are encrypted. Way in the header is not other words. We're looking at the transport mode.
Then we had authentication hitter and I P said Porta. Car device authentication integrity and anti replay protection
encapsulating security pay low
basis of I P SEC protocols that provides the same functionality again as as Advanced Header with additional encryption for confidentiality,
spit tona versus a funnel tunnel.
Specht owner is a process of allowing a remote VP in other words, a VPN virtual private network users to access a public network, most commonly the Internet. At the same time that uses allowed to access resource is on the VPN. A four tonal is one that sends all communication
through the VP and words. A virtual private network.
TLS is a protocol that provides communication security between the client server applications that communicate with each other over the Internet.
When we look at SSL versus TLS, one of the first I wanna point out is tear. SSL is basically a legacy. One is rapid now being replaced by TLS.
Now SSL and TLS are both cryptic, optical cryptic graphical protocols that provide authentication and data encryption between the service machines and application operating over and Net, We're gonna words a client connecting to a Web server,
always on VP. And
basically it's a selected VPN that connects an external clients so that they can access the Internet along with the company. Resource is when the computer is not on the trusted network, which protects the company from security threats.
At this point in time, we have a post assessment quiz,
and it's a that a true and false statement
you had to determine whether or not the statement that I'm gonna read here is either true or is it false?
So we're not further do in that protocol, i p sick. It's not a set of protocols to provide security for Internet protocol. Is that true or false?
That's a false statement, because in that protocol, security is in fact, a set of protocols that provide security for Internet protocol.
Taking a look at key takeaways from this particular video
relented a VPN concentrators, a single device that incorporates advanced encryption and authentication methods in order to handle a large number off VP and tunnels.
Split tunnel is a process of allowing a remote VP and user to access a public network, most commonly, the Internet, at the same time they use is allowed to access. Resource is on the virtual private network
Revote Access VP and enable users to connect to the organization network from remote locations.
A site to site B P is where you have two different sites. Each would a VPN concentrator at each site, and it acts as a leased line
A V, P and O BPM. Virtual Private network allows you to create a secure connection
to another network over the Internet.
A four toner is one that sends all communications do the VPN
in our upcoming video. We'll continue our discussion by taking a look at 2.2. Given a scenario, use appropriate software tools to assess the security posture off an organization. Look forward to seeing you in a very mixed
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