Install and Configure Network Components to Support Organizational Security Part 7

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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome back to Sai Berries 2019 Conte, a Security plus certification profession Course,
we're going to tell you our in our discussion of marginal to in this particular video.
In fact, the top of discussion will remain to technology and tools.
Here is one of the objectives one of the many objectives of this particular domain.
We're gonna continue our discussion of this particular objective itself,
which is 2.1 installing get figure network components, both hardware and software base to support organizational security.
The first item on our agenda is our pre assessment quiz. One of the first things you need to take a look at is this particular statement here, which is in fact, a true and false statement.
You need determine whether or not the statement here is either true
or is it false?
So without further ado,
the statement reads as follows. Data loss prevention is a service that checks for misuse of data, often focusing on data leaving the company by the Web email file transfer other methods. Is that true or false?
The correct response would have been true.
As mentioned earlier, we can continue on our discussion this particular objective here again or something, Topics which encompasses this particular objective. We'll discuss data loss prevention.
In fact, we also won't talk a little bit about knack as well.
So we think about data loss prevention. It's a strategy for making sure that endures that do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network. It's a service that checks for misuse of data, often folks on data leaving, obviously, the company. Many of the different data loss prevention technology can block misuse of data such as
putting person identified customer information
in other words like, for example, on your network. Additionally, data loss prevention solution can often automatically protect information by encrypting it or applying other data protection methods, such as by using digital rights and management.
Let's take a look at some key concepts in regard to data loss prevention. First, we have term call us be blocking.
It's a data leak prevention software to block USB drives on your PC.
Then we have a cloud based data loss. Prevention is designed to specifically protect organizations that have adopted cloud stores by insurance. Sister data does not make it way into the cloud without first been encrypted and only sent to authorize cloud applications.
Then we have another concept called email data loss prevention. In this case, it detects specified emails, a dental that a loss prevention solution can block female logger violence and notified a security team or took other forms of action.
Then we have network access control NAC. Now this is a security solution that
controls access to your network. It's a service that ensures network clients meet minimum requirements before being allowed on the network. For example, Anak Solution might check a computer to see if it has up to date. Anti virus software has the latest security patches or is running a legacy verdict, often operating system.
If everything checks out, the client can join. The network
have not declined the night and there were access. Or it's directed to a remediation network to download security patches, obtained the latest anti virus update or start a necessary security type software.
Now some additional concept you need to be aware of. It regards again to neck. We have dissolvable versus permanent. In this case it is a double agent, is known as a temporary and Asian list, and it's installed for single use
permanent. Another hand is installed on the host.
We have a term call host based concept
baked whole space checks. In other words, in this case, the health authority checks the health of the incoming advice to ensure that's fully patched.
Then we have to take a look at the term call
agent merchants agent. Let's. In this case, Easter Vice has an agent install so that the H authority can carry out health checks.
The agent list neck gives greater flexibility in terms. Identify any type of service order Were any type of device that's connected to your network and implying suitable policies.
This brings us to our post assessment question. In fact, it's a statement you need determine what are not. The statement itself is either true or false.
So it's statement say it's that Network Access Control, or NACK, is an approach of computer security that attempts to unify import secured technologies such as antivirus host and choosing prevention and vulnerability, assessment uses or system of dedication and network security enforcement. Is that true or false?
If you set you, you're absolutely correct.
Let's not turn our temperatures on key takeaways from this particular video
we learned that data loss prevention is a service that checks for misuse of data. Often, folks don't data leaving accounting, by the way of email file transfer. Other methods.
Network access control is an approach of computer security that attempts to unify import security, technology, user or system and dedication and network security enforcement.
A desirable agents. Also known as a temporary and agent list. It's installed for a single use,
and our upcoming video will continue on a discussion of 2.2. We just kind of giving a scenario. Use appropriate software to access the security pasta, often organization. Look forward to seeing you in a very next video.
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