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Hello and welcome back to saw Berries. 2019 Comp Tia Security Plus Certification Preparation course.
We're going to continue on our discussion on margin number two, and their topic discusses. Remain to technologies and tools.
Here, again, is objective, in fact, is one of the objectives of this particular main. We can continue our discussing 2.1 we just tied or install and configure network components, both hardware and software base to support organizational security.
Let's begin back first our turnout tension toward a pre assessment quiz. What you need determined is the statement Mr Here. Is it a true statement off? False.
So what happened? Let's read this particular statement here
in a statement, states that an access point is a device used the hardware, although it can be software that is used to provide access to your network. Usually ah, wireless network. Is that true or false?
That statement is absolutely true.
Here again are the topics of discussion, which encompasses this particular learning objective.
We can begin the process by discussing low balances ranging from scheduling all way down to virtual I peas.
When you think about a load balancer, it's a dedicated network device that can direct request to different servers based upon a variety of factors such as scheduling, affinity, round robin,
active or passive active or active or virtual eyepiece.
So let's define exactly what scheduling is.
Basically, it's a method by which request get directed to the back end. Server
affinity is one the low balance. It set the affinity. The request is sent to the same Web server.
Based on the request is R P address. The reason for this is that maybe in one reason, there is a limit bandwidth for other Web service in the server farm,
a round robin
is a simple way to describe it. Client requests across a group up servers.
Then we come to active or passive
is a configuration in which the primary load balancer, what it does it describe? It's the network traffic to the most suitable server, while in the wild, the secondary
low balancer operates at a listening mode.
Then we have the active active
Is it configuration where all low balances are always active.
Your virtual eyepiece is used to direct all requests. In short, the low bounces configured to load balance to the private eye piece on the individual Web servers
here again is somewhat distant objectives which going discuss which, in other words, some additional topics discussion. We could begin the process of discussing an access point.
What is the essence I d all way down to controller
controller based versus what we call stand along.
Access control is a way of limited access to a system or to a physical or virtual resource in computing access. Control is a process by which uses a grant access and certain privileged this system resource is or information.
An access point is an advice you the heart where, although it could be, saw what is used to provide access to a network. Use their wireless network there. Several importing configuration items in this particular access point.
This brings us to some key concepts. In regard to access point. We have the S s i D
with stamps simply stands for the security, said identify. It's a network main for the wireless network, and it's a deep for s i D is default. Therefore, the first stages you need to do in terms of configuration is to change the essence I d.
They would have Mac built in It refers to a security access control method. While about whereby the Mac address assigned to each network card is used. Determined access to the network
signal scoring is the screening of the Wallaces is measured in decibels. Miller wants
your band work selection all with it enables radio other words that clients radios that a capable Abdur band underwear from 2.45 gigahertz toe operate other words to move to a less congested five gigahertz access point
antenna type in placement. That place with the antenna is important to your overall coverage, and it's also very important.
We have also have another kinds of called fat vs thin
a fat excess sport. Our journey using small wireless networks. And it can work independently and do not require again. An access point coordination.
A thin access point, junior use and medium to large scale wireless network construction. A large number access more are combined with access access control producto form a large Wallace network coverage.
Then we have controller base versus stand alone, a controller based access control point point. In other words, it's for centralized management configuration, also for encryption updates and policy settings to a centralized controller, they come with with the costs. Obviously,
the standalone active sport may be sufficient for certain small deployments. They could be even used in even larger profits, along with multi vendor, while its land management software, which gives the centralized control type interface.
This brings us to our post assessment courses for this particular video,
and you need to determine what I'm not. The statement here is the two off balls.
It's basically states this that a load balancer is a network device hardware basis software base that Mrs for inviting request and then direct those request to back in service, often in the way that balances the requested calls multiple back in service evenly. Is that true or false?
If you should let the two you're absolutely correct.
So let now let us now turn on teacher toward a key takeaways. From this particular video,
we learned that a low balances a network device or hardware based a software base that listens for inbound request and their direct those requested back in service, often in the way that balance a request across multiple, back in service evenly.
We also learned an access road show is a way of limiting access to a system or physical or virtual resource and computing access control is a process by which uses are granted access and certain privileges of system resource is or information
access. Control is a device used a heart, although it could be saw what that used to provide access. You never usually a wireless network.
In our welcoming video, we'll continue our discussion of 2.2, which is tired of giving a scenario. Used appropriate software to to assess the security posture. Often organization
look forward to seeing you in a very next video.

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