Install and Configure Network Components to Support Organizational Security Part 4

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Hello and welcome back to Sai Berries. 2019 Conte. A Security plus certification preparation course.
We're going to continue our discussion on marginal or two, and the topic of discussion domain to technology and tools
here, again is one of the objectives which encompasses this particular. Remain, in fact, is one of the many objectives of this particular main, which is 2.1. We're going to continue our discussion of installed and figure network components, but hardware software based to support organizational security.
Let's not turn our attention toward a pre assessment quiz. One of the first thing you need determined is the statement listed here. Is it either false or true? So we're not further do. Routers are specialized computers that send your messages and those of every other Internet user speeding to their destinations along thousands of pathways.
Is that true or false?
If you say let the true you're absolutely correct.
Here again are the top of discussion, which encompasses this particular objective. We could begin to prices by discussing or relative finding executive order Router is ah, switch and last but not so nice of which a proxy
whether Arata is additional in other words or is Wallace. Its purpose remains the same.
Rodders are specialized computers that send your messages, and those are very in any other user.
Other words speeding to their destination along thousands of pathways.
Turnout teacher Towards some router concepts, we have access control this and anti spoofing. So exactly what is that
we look at? And other words. Access control this
and its broader sense, the underlying that associate with network resource that defines the access permissions. The most common purpose includes the ability to read, write to delete and executed file.
Then we have. Anti spoofing is a technique for identifying and dropping packages that have a false source
address on it.
Switch, on the other hand, is a networking hardware that connects devices on a computer network by using packet switching to receive and four data to the destination device.
Let's not turn our teacher toward discussion of switches and hubs.
When you look at a switch, the data travels faster through a switch because the doubt it's not sequence as it is in a cup.
The information more so much more secure, obsolete when it passes through a switch
as opposed to a hub.
Information travels more Fisher through a suit because it travels directed to his destination,
as opposed to being broadcaster all other PCs on your network
for some switch concepts
when it first concert wouldn't take a look at its port security.
Now, when you think about port security,
it helps security network by preventing unknown devices from 14 packages.
Then we have a layer two verses. Layer three
layer two, also known as your data link. There is a second level in the seven layers off the open system. Interconnection, roughest tomorrow.
Later, three provides switching and routing technology, creating logical path known as virtual circuits, for transmitting data from note to note.
New prevention
occurs when you have to almost which they're joined together, they can create loops that create broadcast. We did. He used to spend entry protocol to prevent this from happening by fording listening or blocking on some ports.
Then we have a floor God.
What this does it prevents Mac flooding and the knobs serves attacks on switch By identifying the attack and preventing it
now approx, it is, ah, hardware plants of software plan that used to make requests on behalf of users where users are going from an internal network to the Internet or from the Internet to an internal source.
A process server.
Since between a client applications such as your Web browser and a well server, it intercepts all requests to the rial server to see if it can fulfill the request itself. If not, force a request to the rial server.
By definition, approximate a go between acting as a mediator between a private and public network.
The proxy server evaluates the request from the client, and they meet certain criteria. Force them to the appropriate server.
Here's some proxy concepts that you need to be aware of, ranging from four and reverse proxy to transparent proxy to application. In other words, multipurpose.
When you think about four vs Reverse Proxy. A four process used by the client, such as a Web browser way and reverse proxy. A used by the server, such as a Web server.
A transparent proxy. Also known as an in line proxy. It intercept proxy or force proxy is a server that intercept the connection between an end user or device, and the Internet is called a transparent because it does so without modifying requests and responses
there may come to application. Another words. Motor purpose is a specialized proxy often used for scenario based deployments instead of general Web surfing or were publishing type scenarios.
This brings us to our post assessment course in, and what you need to do is determine whether or not this statement here is either true or false.
An application under words. Motor purpose. Other words looking at approx. It is a specialized proxy often used for scenario, basic deployments instead of general Web surfing or where publishing to there. Is that true or false?
If you said to your absolutely correct,
let's not turn our attention to some key takeaways from this particular video.
We learned it a device similar hope that can next. Computers to a central central point. However, difference from the Hubble switch were only four traffic to his destination. Stead of broadcasting
a proxy. It acts as an intermediary between your land. Other words you're looking for in network and the Internet.
Rogers, a specialized computer that send your messages and those of every other you Internet use another word speeding to their destination along thousands of pathways.
Fort proxies used by the clients this is a Web Broadway in a reverse proxy, is used by the service, such as a Web server.
An application proxy is a specialized proxy often used for scenario based deployments instead of general Web surfing or where publishing type scenarios.
In our upcoming video, we continue on what I discussion off 2.2
Title. Given a scenario. Use appropriate software to success the security posture, Often organization.
I look forward to seeing you in the very next video.
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