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kid a little information we wanted to drop in. If you're considering joining a career path acts library, you can take a look at the inside of pro information. You can. Certainly. How about to the cyber website? Take a look at that. There's lots of different ways to find it on the site.
Uh, do you guys want to have anything else
that our listeners might want to know?
Shane or Mark?
Yeah. I mean, I think the program outlined here the various career passing. Talking about the stock analyst career path today
is extremely beneficial. And something I wish that I had access to that kind of helping myself through the career
through my career in previous years,
Um, the own demand video based training format. I think it's ideal,
Um, you know, especially the information age, where people necessarily have the time and the resource is too,
you know, get out in 10 classes in person or, you know, especially more extreme example. You know, go to AA 2 to 4 year
college to obtain a degree. So the only man video based training format, 24 7 availability provides that flexibility for people to learn at their own pace and continue to go through courses as they see fit. So people that are currently
you're working 8 to 5 jobs and looking to change careers or just looking to further developments that themselves, their current careers. You know whether they have work during the day or family during the day. Again. The
delivery form out of the specific content, I think, is extremely beneficial and flexible on then. Also not just the training contents of the videos, but also access to hands on labs were actually applying the skills that you
learns of the training content on a hands on poor Matt. You can kind of classify that as a little bit of world war experience, the fact that you're applying
enology, learning in a hands on environment,
then also on top of that, the capture of flag exercises to kind of rate and assess how well you ingest that knowledge and how well you do,
I think, again is overall very
beneficial way of delivering the training content. And then you also through the course, work in a collaborative environment with,
you know, hundreds of other students are kind of going through a similar process so the the camaraderie and the collaboration with other students is very beneficial than having access to
mentors of the whole program, not just marking myself, but also inflow system mentors to the program as well. Just to kind of assistant coach you through the program is, uh is something beneficial to look at as well?
definitely. I've gotten a lot of nice feedback from the students that I've been working with about the support they've gotten and how much the program has meant to them
rather than doing it on the road. They're able to be a part of a community, which is, I think, very, very helpful. So, Mark, did you want to have anything or we can move on? Yeah. I mean, just really quick. I mean, change is that pretty much everything that I thought. But when you look at this stuff, too in this career field, this is a career field where you never stop learning
and side really has the perfect platform
for you to build upon your skills regardless of what level you're at. So don't think that that's too early or too late to sign up. I mean,
I think this is a This is a great thing.
Yes. Agreed. Yeah. Fantastic. Thanks, guys. Appreciate the feedback and the comments.
Now back to some soft skills. So we talked a little bit about some hard skills and technical skills. Skills came up earlier. Mark mentioned it. You know that you need to be a good communicator, and you need good problem solving skills. You need good time management skills. You need to be able to talk to various folks within an organization.
Anybody that may be on your network. Right? So this gun obviously range in type of personalities and types of people that you need to be working with. We also want to mention as well that inside the Career Path program he will also get a chance to develop your soft skills through the communication with your court, your mentors, et cetera,
and the other cyber re staff that's here.
You'll also develop strong study skills, which would be beneficial throughout your cyber securities career. As we know, good cyber people are always studying, so all right, you can't emphasize this enough in some ways, but I don't want to spend too too much time on it. Just something to be thinking about. Ah, One other piece I wanted to mention is that
we're starting to develop some soft skills training on the site.
I put together a small business writing class, and we'll also be doing some career planning classes, interview, prep, resume writing et cetera to keep an eye out for that over the next few months on Cyber Eri
You heard it here first. Okay,
next piece,
new skills. So, you know, working in a sock. You you really are in some ways on the bleeding edge, right? You're facing a lot of things that were coming in and out of your network,
and you want to be aware of breaches that are going on in the world. You want to take a look at what's happening on your network and vulnerabilities that can be
affecting you as a solid analysts. So again, we talked about studying, staying fresh, building your certs,
just building your knowledge over time, and this is this will be critical throughout your career in cyber and I t
The next side is gaming experience. So this is kind of interesting information that we have on the side very site that According to a recent study, 72% of I t security staff said that hiring experienced video gamers can help close the cyber cyber security skills, gap, et cetera, And I won't need all of this.
Uh, this is a fascinating thing. I mean,
we talk about that curious. I bury that a lot of people that come through the program have gaming experience. And Mark, I want to turn this over to you. You mentioned some folks that you work with that have some gaming experience. Can you share that with us?
Yes. Oh, with my job running no cooperation center and pretty much any job in i t. It was something that we talked about yesterday. I'm ashamed of that
video against play a large pool and
one of the things that people don't think about is that say, you play an MMO and your guild leader or you lied raise or various other things. Even if you're the first person shooter
you're used to your usedto failing and keep trying to work together as a team.
And you know, you use the sol skills to build that up. But I mean, what's the guys I I play. What? That's one of the things that we have in common that we chat about. So this is this is spot on.
Wonderful. Great.
I think it's really cool. A lot of the people that I've talked with
once I bury or big gamers, so
thank you so much.
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