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Watching this custom walkthrough of most important parts of the Cybrary Insider Pro platform. Covering topics like Career Path selection, catalog navigation, certification prep, Insider Pro Slack Community and Interacting with Mentors this video will provide all the information you need to connect with your community and start developing the skills...

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Watching this custom walkthrough of most important parts of the Cybrary Insider Pro platform. Covering topics like Career Path selection, catalog navigation, certification prep, Insider Pro Slack Community and Interacting with Mentors this video will provide all the information you need to connect with your community and start developing the skills you need to acheive your next career goal.

Video Transcription
welcome everybody to our insider pro orientation session. My name is Sam, and I have the absolute privilege to walk you through the platform today. So we're gonna talk a little bit about career paths. We're going to show you the catalog,
mention our slack community and how to access a mentor.
A couple other small things along the way. The first thing that we're going to do head up to the insider pro tap on the top, left hand side of your screen. So here we have kind of a list of things that we want every user to complete
to make sure that you can maximize your experience here in Siberia.
So the first thing is joining orientation session. If you're watching this video, you were already taking a step in the right direction. That's awesome.
The second item is going to be discovered your career path.
I'm gonna go ahead and click on that
for these career paths. We want to make sure that we can recommend the career path that is best for you. So based off of your job, experience their history and I t and security on really what position that you're trying to go to what career path will be best for you, though. Here we have all of our career paths listed. But let's go up to the difficulty
and select beginner, intermediate or advanced.
I'm gonna go ahead and select beginner. Do we have a number of career paths here on and they're all going to cover slightly different content.
So again, depending on what work role that you're trying to go into,
they will differ
The 1st 1 of the top. We have information, security fundamentals, relatively entry level career path
for individual. Starting out
as we scroll down just a little bit, I'm gonna hit on, become a system administrator as well. This is going to be another really entry level program that we have in a step up from. That would be something like become a network engineer.
Each one can cover different certifications, things like that.
So again, kind of a really most entry level information security fundamentals, kind of a step up from there, has become a system administrator
and then become a network engineer, and we still find a number of individuals that can jump in at an entry level and go right into something like become a network engineer, really? Just depends on what you're comfortable with.
All right, at the top. I'm going to now sort by intermediate.
But this is where we get into our different stock. Analyst levels are penetration tester, career path. Some things like that.
Go ahead and click on the become A stock analyst. Level one.
This is a great career path
on. We see on this landing page a number of things. So we have a description of the work roll. We're going to get a list of the courses, the labs and the assessments
that make up this curriculum
and then scrolling down.
It's gonna tell you a little bit about the responsibilities of the job, the requirements that you may need to land a position,
a day in the life and different things like that. So highly recommend checking this out,
we'll give you a lot of information about the career path and make sure that you're choosing something that is best for you.
So if you want to enroll in this career path, we always recommend downloading your syllabus is well, ah, lot of great information can be found there.
I'm gonna go ahead and click n roll. And then once we do, we can find that career path and the tap on the left hand side, uh, labeled my career paths.
So once we click on here,
this is going to be our curriculum. I'm gonna go ahead and click view.
Awesome. And here are all the different items that are gonna make up our curriculum.
But we see it's going to consist of different assessments, different courses, different labs, all to develop those knowledge, skills and abilities that you need to land a position.
Let's just go down a little bit. I do in a note. Here we see Come ta Security. Plus, this is a certification from County, a relatively popular one on. It's kind of the layout that I want to mention here. So we see the course, the virtual lab
and then the exam.
So it's important because the course is going to help us develop our knowledge.
The lab is going to help us develop our skills,
and then the exam is going to help us test our abilities.
This is like our certification prep bundle. If you were to take a certification on the platform, if you're going to study for one. We suggest that course that lab in that exam layout super important. There
you can find this in career paths, but also if just by searching
you can see that we do have obviously the course up here,
the virtual lab and then a couple exam for you to choose from.
So again, this will go for other certifications on the platform is Well, we're just using security Plus as our guinea pig here.
Wonderful. That's a brief overview of the career paths.
I'm gonna head up to the brows option on the top left hand side of the page, and this is going to take us to our catalogue.
A couple things. The note up top. You have new releases for new content that just dropped. And then also coming soon, their highly recommend checking those out on kind of keep your ear to the ground for different things that might be coming up soon or recently released on the platform scrolling down. We have a couple large rectangles here.
Go into these rectangles a little bit. Eso these air going to be the different vendors that we have plugging in on the platform
so each room does a slightly different thing.
And you mentioned you heard me mention
some virtual abs and some practice exams in your curriculum,
and this would be from different vendors.
So we have practice labs that they do hands on certification, prep labs on also exams. And then Kaplan is also a pretty well known practice exam bender in the spaces. Well,
we have a lot of other great vendors that do awesome things, whether it be assessments again, labs capture the flag challenge is different. I t pro challenges stuff like that.
A lot of these other vendors will also be in your career paths and there things that you will interact within use during your time studying here. But just want to point that out to everyone. You can also click on any of these vendors on it will take you to all the content that they have.
So, using the Camelot, we confined different content on you saw me earlier search for things I always recommend checking out the search bar. You're searching for a certification for any skill in the space, different technologies, stuff like that that will really allow you to discover content in a more easy way.
I'm gonna go ahead and click back on the insider Pro tab at the top again.
So another were on the landing page.
We've already completed a couple items. So the orientation session have that checked
on Discover your career path. We've already looked into that. Determine what career path is gonna be best for us on. If you have any questions about which career path maybe best can always reach out to the team down here than in addition, that's something that our mentors can also really help with. Speaking of mentors were going to talk about the slack community.
Let's go ahead and click on Join the slack community. And once we do, we're going to be dropped on our join the slack community page. So there's gonna be some information about how to create your slack account on then how to join,
but super simple on. Then, after we do that, I'm gonna go ahead and show you my slack community.
Wonderful. This is our insider pro slack.
Um, Now you see all these channels on my left hand side. When you join, you won't have quite as many. Obviously, I'm in all the channels. So we do see a lot.
We have a couple of the career path channels up here.
This is gonna be depending on what career path you join. We have some channels chicken neck with individuals that are also studying similar things.
And then another important channel No is the Career Planning Channel s O. This is usually what we use to connect our individuals that are joining the platform to learn on we connect him to our mentors are subject matter expert mentors in the space. Whether they're SR mentors are career mentors or our system mentors, they can all help in slightly different ways.
So again, if you have any questions about what you're studying, you want some help with your resume review whatever it is, go ahead and drop that question in the career planning channel
on our mentors, you know, kind of comb through this channel and make sure that they can answer any questions that people have
Another way to discover mentors as well as you can also type in at
and you can see Sorry. Taken at mentor,
you can see all the different mentors that we have in this base. You can see some of them are aligned to career paths
and different things like that. So how they recommend checking that out as well?
And then public chat is a channel that everyone will be attitude once they join.
A lot of cool things going on here is well, the Savary team conduct updates. Individuals are messaging back and forth talking about things, and I, t and security mentors are collaborating different things like that
also down here at the bottom when you join your gonna notification from Greek Pot
s. So that's gonna be a welcome message to the platform. And I will tell you a little bit about the space, how I connect with mentors in just a little more information there, so highly recommend checking that out as well.
Wonderful. But that's kind of a high level overview of the slack community. I'm gonna bounce back to our
insider pro home page.
All right, So once we bounce, bounce back to our home page, we do see
a number of things that are either recommended to us some new courses, as I mentioned before,
and some other cool things going on. Instructors are awesome structures that we have a platform that are constantly creating content for us.
Wonderful. Another. We're here. We're just scroll down a little bit and check out the contribute Sam
s. So this is something that is a really cool opportunity for all inside a pro learners.
Now we're on the cyber community page. We can see a couple different things listed, but whether you want to become an instructor
or a teaching assistant help collaborate with our instructors on create content on the platform, enjoying our creator community. There's a lot of awesome stuff going on. So that's an awesome opportunity as well. Or you want to become a mentor on get back to some of our inside of pros on help them ensure your experience, things that have worked, things that haven't worked for you,
whatever your mentor style is
and scrolling down, there's other options should contribute and give back as well. So highly recommend checking that out there a lot of awesome stuff going on over there.
Um, after that, we're gonna bounce back to the home page once again. Um, obviously you can always reach out to myself on the rest of the team on slack my slack. Handle it just at Sam Cyber. Super Easy to use at S a M library.
You afraid to reach out to me?
And then you can connect with the cyber team down here on the bottom, right hand side of the screen as well, to just reach out and check. You can say, share screenshots, ask questions, and the team is always happy to assist.
Finally had to want to mention one other thing we see here at the top. Right hand side started team trial. You know, if you aren't inside a pro and you're really enjoying your experience, you think that your teammates or your company could use some training on the platform Highly recommend checking this out as well. We do have a salary for business platform that could be great
for you and your colleagues to learn,
grow, develop curriculums, share different knowledge point stuff like that. So how they recommend checking that out as well.
But now we're back on the home page. Once again, there's air most of the things that I was going to cover on the platform today. So again we had picking a career path, discovering the catalog a little bit
learning about our slack community and how to connect with mentors and other insider pros and then how to reach out to the cyber team. But they're beyond slack. We're on this ivory site.
I hope you all really enjoyed today's orientation session on. We look forward to connecting again, moving forward as you work. It's operate to complete your goals.
Take care, everybody.
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