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Scanners have the ability to take a print page and digitize it onto our computer. Today there are many types of scanners that are used in many different ways. Scanners now are multi-functional; they save images to computing systems, they email clients on a network from a centralized workstation, they are even hand-held to use like a portable mouse, for example, to scan file folder names of files being boxed and archived. Most are plug and play, some come with specific driver and program software which must be used as directed by the OEM so that your computer recognizes it. Barcode readers are able to scan barcodes, usually through USB connections and are not often used in the home. They have however, become more popular in use as a single point-of-sale tool in conjunction with card readers. KVM standards for keyboard, video, and mouse. It is used in environments where there is one display and several computer by centralizing the cabling for keyboard, video and mouse input with the use of toggling button to switch between each of the three computers that are attached to those input devices. and we'll diagram a KVM setup to demonstrate how this works.

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Peripheral Devices and Connectors

A peripheral device or auxiliary device, is generally defined as any device that connects to and works with the computer in some way

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