Input Devices: Game Pads, Joysticks & Digitizers

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Game Pads are a type of input device which is a controller that connects to the computer and has multiple buttons for manipulating specific actions. They require installation software. Joysticks are a type of gaming pad which is just one stick with multiple buttons used for simulation games. They range in price, configuration and operational requir...

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Game Pads are a type of input device which is a controller that connects to the computer and has multiple buttons for manipulating specific actions. They require installation software. Joysticks are a type of gaming pad which is just one stick with multiple buttons used for simulation games. They range in price, configuration and operational requirements so special considerations should be given to assure they work with the targeted computer systems. Digitizers is a tablet-like surface area device that allows you to draw on your computer screen using an input device like pen which itself has mouse-like capabilities such as right-clicking. They are plug-n-play but do come with product software so they will require some installation setup to run properly.

Video Transcription
for those of us that use gaming gaming environments on our computer, those of us with gaining computers
there are a couple different input devices that we may encounter more than others. Some of the some of these two devices are game pads and joysticks. Now, when we say game pads, where you're talking about actual special controllers that we can plug into our computer that act almost slight consul controllers except there plug into our PC, and we use them that way.
Now these game pads
typically plug in with a USB connector, and they do have additional disks or drivers for for them. In order for us to know how they interact with our computer for our software to understand what each of those buttons mean, we need to make sure that when we're installing them, we do the correct way again on that we plug them in.
So where there needs to be and we do that everything in the right order. So we have our game pads and joysticks, and our joy sticks are going to be our devices where we see almost simulate like a joystick that you would see in an airplane a lot of people use them for flight simulator type games
where you plug in the joystick and rather you Instead of using keyboard buttons,
you actually use a manual joysticks. Both of these can vary in price range, depending on how high quality you get, what what brand you get. So it's always a good idea to do your research beforehand before you make an investment in any electronics. But you always want to do your research and always want to check out
hole of your specifications and see what works
with your computer situation. One of our last input devices that we're gonna talk about here is going to be our digitize ear's a digitize ER
is actually a type of tablet that you can write on, and it displays that writing on your screen. This could be especially useful for those who do graphic design or illustrations on their computer, rather than having to use the mouse and draw or rather than using a touch screen. If one isn't available,
you can use a digitize er and actually
right in the digital representation come up on your screen. We have one of those digitize er's here, and as you can see. It has a surface area that's used for the input that also comes with a pin used for writing. And then we actually have buttons on the top, which can be used for input control. Some
digitized pad may have buttons on the top
that correspond with certain keys, like the control key or the old key on the pen itself. There, maybe buttons such as, Ah, button that indicates, ah, right click or a left click for, ah, click and hold or click and drag in order to perform certain functions So we don't have to use our mouths,
and we can simply plug these into the computer. And
in the case of this one, it actually does come with its own special software. Now, if I were to just plug this pad into my computer, I may get the light showing up on the pad, letting me know it's on letting you know it's getting information to it, and it's getting information from it. I may even get a notification on my computer that says, Hey, your device has been installed successfully. I
I installed this thing. I know I
I know what it iss, but then you go to use it and it doesn't work quite right. You may get a little bit of input working, but it seems off the buttons aren't working, it isn't as responsive, and you're wondering what's going on. That's why you want to use the drivers that come with it. You want to use the software. You want to use those drivers to make sure that you're getting the optimum perp
for months out of your
digitize er out of your bamboo pad. And you're not running into frustrating situations where the buttons aren't working or the computer isn't recognising it or it's not even getting any input. It all just because you got a message on the computer that says the device was installed successfully doesn't mean that it really waas. He always want to go through those instructions that come with your device
and make sure
that you install any software that it recommends. So we want to go ahead and add to our list. Are digitize er just for a little bit of clarification. When I say install the software it recommends, I'm particularly in particular talking about our core software that comes with it and thats required in order to run our actual on devices.
Ah, lot of our devices will come with salt,
where that includes something called bloatware or additional add ons that we don't want. And they're just
things that the company is thrown in there, possibly in order to try to persuade us to buy another one of their products or try out one of their products for free. And we may not necessarily want that installed on our computer. We don't want it slowing it down, or we don't like how the product works or how it makes our computer at.
So we want to make sure that we're actually going through the installation process carefully and making sure that our software's and stalling what we want and it only what we need and not installing anything that later on. We have to take the time and take the effort to uninstall because it's interacting with our computer or its say it's
taking over our photo editing or its opening our photos
or it's using its open our photos, and we have to take the time to undo what it's done. So we always want to read that again. We always want to read that carefully. We always want to make sure that as we're going through our software installations, we
we're not just checking boxes and clicking. We're actually reading what each check box means in making sure it's only installing what we wanted to install. So we've talked about quite a few different input devices. We have our keyboard, mouse, touchscreen scanners, barcode reader, KPM microphone, biometric devices, game pads and joysticks and are digitized.
There are a lot more
different input devices that you may encounter depending on your situation. But this gave us a bit of an overview. And as they are, the ones that we need to hit, especially if we're looking at taking like a plus exam, they're ones that you may want to recognize and understand how they work and what they do.
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