Video Description

As we close out Chapter 1, Information Security Governance & Risk Management, we review with a bullet list summary of the key topics covered throughout the chapter, and a preview of more CISSP exam essentials. In this course we looked at the following, defined and explored what them mean, provided examples how CISSPs must be concerned, and because there is so much information relevant to them, recommend a re-review as part of your CISSP exam prep:

  • Fundamentals of Security

  • Types of Attacks

  • Risk Management

  • Security Blueprints

  • Policies, Standards, Procedures, Guidelines

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • SLAs

  • Data Classification

  • Certification, Accreditation and Auditing, and lastly

  • Knowledge Transfer

Many of these topics will be discussed is significantly greater detail in upcoming chapters. But they are also directly relevant to security governance. Therefore, we demonstrated all these components as they relate to good Information Security Governance & Risk Management.

Course Modules

CISSP Archive (10 Domain - 2014)

CISSP 2015 Domain Restructuring