Indicators of Compromise/Determine the Type of Malware Part 2

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Hello and welcome back the side Berries. 2019. Camp Tia Security Plus Certification Preparation course.
This is a continuation of marginal one
and the top of discussion we domain one. Threats, attacks and vulnerabilities.
Here is one the objectives which encompasses this particular main, which is 1-1 given scenario. Analyze indicators of compromise. A terminal type of mayor where again this is a continuation from the previous video.
Here again, other topics which encompasses this particular objective, beginning with Ransomware Worm, Trojan
Root Kit, Key locker,
adware, spyware bots, read logic, bomb and backdoor.
So, without further, let's begin by first of all, discussing ran somewhere.
Now when you think about ransom, Ware is a type of man where that attempts to extort money from computer users by infecting and taking control of victim machine or files or documents stored on it.
In terms of the impact it knocks the computer, prevent normal usage.
It encrypts of documents and files on it to prevent access to save data
in terms of how does it spread a Ulan star when you open malicious email attachments or click a malicious link and email
an instant message, or even if you visit malicious website
in terms of prevention, keep all your software your computer up to date.
Keep your firewall turned on as well.
And lastly, don't open spam message or click links on Suspicious website.
This brings us to spyware. Now, when you think about spy, what it's a term given to a category for software aims is still personal or organizational information.
In fact, it's a type of matter that could be put on someone's computer to secretly gather information about the user and what it does. It relays it back to adversaries. Other interested parties
at well in her hand
is free somewhere supported by adverse mints. In other words,
most at West safety use. But some can serve s spyware gathering information about you from your hard drive, the website you visit or your key strokes
when we look at a keystroke.
Other words. A key log, in other words, is a technology that tracks and records consecutive key strokes on your keyboard. Because since that information such as your user name and password offer in on a keyboard, what happens? The key lava can be very dangerous type technology.
In fact, that's why one of the reasons. When you go to various hotels
and they have various business offices, you never want to use their computers because it quite honestly and might have a key logger installed on it.
Let's not turn our attention work. Defining exactly what is about
basic about is a program that takes control of a computer. A botnet is a collection of bots that have been set up for malicious purposes. Normally care of work out what we call adults attack. Another way to think about about. It's an automated program that runs over the Internet.
Some bodies were in automatically, while others only execute programs when they receive specific input.
A remote access Children
Basically what it is. It's a program that sends log and details to the attacker to enable him to take full control off the computer.
It's sometimes called quit. Where is a type of mayor where that controls the system through a remote network connection? While death stop sharing in remote administration have many legal uses. When you look at remote access, Children taken notes, criminal or malicious activity.
This brings us to our post assessment question, and the question is as follows.
What kind of mayor. Where can spread through your network without any human interaction? Is it a
polymorphic virus or be Children Horse C, A virus or D A worm?
If you said like that, B and C, you're absolutely correct because viruses and Children both rely. Owner used to launch an infected found while worms spread on their own, using what we call system bone abilities.
Let's not turn our attention toward a key takeaways. From this particular
video presentation,
we learned that the viruses piece of malicious code that replicates by attaching itself to another piece of execute herbal coat. We learned that criminal Mel, where is a program that actually performing what we call criminal criminal mining?
We learned that ransom was the type of mayor when attempts to extort money from computer user by infective and taking control of the victim machine or files or documents stored on it,
we learned it warms a self replicating piece of cold that attempt to penetrate in network and computer systems.
We don't have the Children to the piece of software that appears to do one thing, and in fact may actually do think do that thing. But high some of its other functionalities
We don't Need a Real Kid is a former man where their specific designed to modify the operation, your operating system in some fashion to facilitate none standard functionality.
We know their key logger is a technology that tracks and recourse Consignia keystrokes on a keyboard.
We learned that Atwell is a free software supported by adverse events.
Really, the spy was a term given to a category software which aims to steal personal or organizational information
in our upcoming video. We continue on with our discussion of the main one. We just titled Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities by taking a look at a next objective, which is domain 1.2, which is tired or compare and contrast types of attacks. Look forward to seeing your very next video.
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