Incident Response and Forensics Part 4

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4 hours 21 minutes
Video Transcription
story time. So, Joe, can you tell me, uh, your best day at work? Ever? Yes. So this, you know, for those who haven't seen our videos before, we kind of try to break it up a little bit in the middle just to kind of stop doing just slide delivery and just tell you about some sort of relevant experience. So
for this one, we're doing our best day working in this job. For me, the best experience I had working in sort of a a security analyst position. We
I can't say this person or organization I was working with, but I was working with an organization and we had basically what amounts to an inspection coming. A very important sort of figure government figure was coming in to inspect the system was coming in to make sure we were doing everything right. And this person had very well say
he had complete control over our budget on our funding for the next year.
So it was one of those where we dusted the whole building like we cleaned everything, spot, cleaned it and deep cleaned. Everything really just were focused and
doing her level best to impress this person.
Well, most of us were cleaning hum
during that time I end, a good friend of mine
took a little bit of time out, kind of stepped into our indoor server room,
and we were using a remote management tools for controlling all of our power supplies all of our servers all over hard drives, everything and had no indicator lakes that had all sorts of management tools. But it could all be controlled remotely. In case you know, there was an issue. We had to leave the site where we had access it from somewhere else.
So we spent about
probably about 30 minutes, maybe a couple hours a TTE most
writing scripts for this, this server management or this this management tool.
And when the person came to inspect our office and he came to look at, you know what we do every day in to talk to some of our people. About 15 minutes after he arrived, we started the script on it, caused random describes to eject. It caused all of the lights to blink red. It caused Lee alarms to go off
basically anything that you've seen like in a movie about hacking where everybody's being hacking, everything's going crazy
or our script did that, and it just went absolute mayhem. And for those of you who don't know, there's a website, I think it's called Hacker Type dot net, which is basically it's a website where every time you press a key, some number of characters from the Lenox Colonel show up on screen and it looks very dramatic.
So we had a couple of people just sitting there furiously, typing as fast as they could
as the limits colonel just kind of scroll down the screen. And all of the servers were going mate absolutely haywire. This last. We let it run for about two minutes before we cut everything off. Lean back in our seats. Dustin are wiping our foreheads off way. Made it. We got it.
It's probably not the most ethical thing that I've ever done in my life, but it's certainly one of the funniest. And it did secure. It's excellent funding for that year. Nice. Nice.
Well, thanks for that was a great short for sharing. That s o I can't top that at all, so I'm just gonna move
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