Importance of Policies, Plans and Procedures Related to Organizational Security

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Hello and welcome in this I bury 2019 Carp Tia Security Plus Certification Preparation course.
We begin in a brand new marjah, which is marginal five. And the topic discussion will be the main fire risk management,
the very first objective, which we need to highlight doing this particular domain. It's 5.1 with simply states explain the importance of policies, plans and procedures related to organizational security. With that being said, let's take a look at that very first pre assessment quiz,
which in fact is a true and false statement,
and it reads as follows. A top strategy to reduce the risk of security breaches in the workplace is a clean desk policy. Is this true or false?
In his case,
if you said let the true you're absolutely correct,
as mentioned in the previous video or previous slot, we mentioned that we have our brand new object. In fact, it's a very first objective where we had to explain the importance of policies, plans and procedures related to organization security.
Here again of some topics which encompasses this particular objective record will begin by first are taking a look at standard operating procedures
as well Let's take a look at some different types of agreements ranging from your business partnership agreement,
a service level agreement, you interconnection off security agreement, your memorandum of agreement as well as your non disclosure agreement as well.
So with that being said, let's Begin by first are taking a look exactly what is a standard operating procedures. Now standard operating procedures are written step by step instructions that describe how to perform a routine activity.
Let's continue our discussion of standard operating procedures
an S O. P. Or your standard operating procedure that if I expected practices and all businesses were quality standards exists
standard operating procedure S. O. P's our policies, procedures and standards you need in the operations market administration disciplines within your business to ensure success
so it makes a course in what are some of benefits off implements, standard operating procedures. The following benefits are affable, such as
efficiency and therefore probability,
consisting reliability in production and service
through eras in all areas,
a way to resolve conflict between partners,
a healthy and safe environment.
But Texas employees in areas of potential liability and personnel matters.
A road map for how to resolve issues and the removal of motion from the troubleshoot. In other words, allowing needed focus on solving the problem.
A first UN offensive. Any inspection, whether it be by regulatory body, a partner or potential partner, a client or firm conducting due diligence for a possible purchase
value. Added to your been a shoot, you ever wish to sell it.
This brings us to the top of agreement types, in fact, several different agreement types that we need to highlight doing this particular video presentation.
First of all, we'll take a look at business partner agreements or B p A.
Service level agreements,
interconnection security agreements or I s a
memorandum of understanding or m o use
memorandum of agreement or M o A's.
Then we have our none disclosure agreement or N D. A's.
So the first we want to take a look. It's called your Business Partnership Agreements.
Now Business Partner Agreement is a written agreement between two or more individuals who joined as partners to form and carry on a for profit type business Operation.
Ah, service level agreement is the service contract component between a service provider
and a customer. For example, your company has an SLS or service level agreement with a service provider that will fix your parents within 48 hours or four hours. Say, perhaps, if the printer breaks down, then the service provided needs to a period of printer within four hours or face a penalty
it serves. Arguing only relates to one product or service at one time. A cutting may have several S. L. A's in place that covers all of their equipment.
Then we have our interconnection service agreement that this basically established between the organization that owns and operate the connected I T system to document the technical requirements of the interconnection.
Then we have our memorandum of understanding. Basically, MoU is a former agreement between two or more parties, m. O usar stronger than a gentleman's agreement, and both parties must be willing to make a serious commitment to each other, but they are not legally binding.
Do you have a memorandum of agreement on M. O. A's
basically similar to a memorandum of understanding but serves as a legal document and described the terms and the details of the agreement
continue our discussion of 5.1, which is objective, which is 5.1 where we have to explain the importance of policies, plans and procedure relate to organization of security again, these topics here and compasses this particular objective. We could take a look at personnel management ranging from mandatory vacations,
job rotation
separation duties, clean desk background checks is worse. Your exit interviews. So I further do. Let's continue by taking a look at personnel management. Now we think about personal Manager, defined as administrative specialization that focus on hiring and developing employees to become more viable
to the cotton. Me.
It is sometimes considered to be a subcategory of human resources that only focuses on administration,
continuing with our topic of personal. Imagine one of things that you need to be aware of a term call Mandatory Vacations
Job rotation, which would be discussing separation duties,
clean desk
background checks as well as what we call exit interviews.
So the first item one article is called Mandatory Vacations, in this case used to be required to take vacation and rotate positions off functional duties as part of the organization's security policy
Mentor vacation policy. Help detect when employees are involved in Melissa activities such as fraud or embezzlement
as an example, employs a position off financial trust or being responsible for your funding, such as your stock traders and bank employees are often required to take annual vacations of at least five consecutive workdays.
Do you ever term called job rotation? It can best be defined as rotating administrator uses between rows. Both improves awareness of off the mandate of each role and also ensures that fortune activity cannot be sustained.
Then we have separation duties. It can best be described as a concept having more than one personal quiet to complete a task.
Clean desk is one of the top strategy to reduce the risk off security breaches in the workplace.
Background checks is the process of looking up in compiling employment history,
criminal records, commercial records and financial records off individuals or the organization
exit interview basis. The interview Hell with and employ about to leave it organization,
typically in order to discuss the employer reason for leaving and experience the working for the organization.
At this point time, we have our key takeaways. From this particular video presentation, we learned that a top scratch to reduce the risk of screwed it breaches in the workplace is a clean desk policy
We also learned in the background check of background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling employment history,
criminal records, commercial records and financial records of an individual or an organization.
We also learned that it written in green between two more individual joy as partners to form and carry on a for profit business is called a Business partnership type agreement
in exhibits here with and employ about to leave an organization typically order to discuss employees reason for leaving and their experience of working for the organization.
Continue our key takeaways.
We learned that rotating administrator user between rows both improved the awareness of the mandates of each row and also ensure that fortune active it cannot be sustained
and our upcoming video. We continue our discussion by taking a look at 5.1. The top of discussion will be explained the importance of policies, plans, procedures related to organization of security. And again, I look forward to seeing you in the very next video
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