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Implementing Virtualized Domain Controllers This lesson covers implementing virtualized domain controllers. This is the most important aspect of an active domain environment. In this lab-based lesson, Participants receive step by step instructions in how to implement a domain controller by following along with the instructor's screen by screen instructions. Implementing the domain controller is done via the Windows Power Shell.

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in your active directory environment. The most important aspect that you have to work with is your debate controllers. In terms of the authentication management policies, all the other functions replication, these are all pieces of the puzzle.
Now another thing that you want to deal with it in terms of Jamaica trollers making sure you have
multiple debate controllers to handle the request that we're going to deal with. So if we only have a couple of demand controllers and we decide we want another one, how do we go about getting another domain controller without going through the whole installation process from start to finish? Well, you could do that. That's certainly an option.
But within a virtualized environment, you actually have the option to have actually clone a debate controller.
Bear mine Cloning domain controller You want to make sure you do not clone a domain controller? That is what your role holder from the five F s and more rolls. So you're flexible. Single master operator rules to five home Which air you're obviously your scheme of asked your domain naming master your PDC every later. Your infrastructure master in your Red Master,
If you have a domain controller. It's housing one of those or currently
contains one of those five efforts. Similar roles do not
code it.
Find another D. C. That doesn't to clothe or build a d. C. That's a baseline that does. You're never going to put one has rolls on and use it for cleaning purposes.
In terms of what we're gonna do, the first thing we need is a little bit of prep.
So on our tools menu, we're good are after Director Administrative Center attack.
Open it up.

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