Module 01 - Phases of Penetration Testing

Module 02 - Footprinting

Module 03 - Scanning

Module 04 - Enumeration

Module 05 - System Hacking

Module 06 - Trojans

Module 07 - Viruses & Worms

Module 08 - Sniffing Traffic

Module 09 - Social Engineering

Module 10 - Denial of Service

Module 11 - Session Hijacking

Module 12 - Hacking Web Servers

Module 13 - Web Applications

Module 14 - SQL Injection

Module 15 - Wireless

Module 16 - Mobile Hacking

Module 17 - IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots

Module 18 - Buffer Overflows

Module 19 - Cryptography

Introduction to IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots

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Introduction to IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots

Hi Leo Dregier in this module I want to talk about invading intrusion detection systems and firewalls and honey pots and things like that. So here is the take away. Now you see me and now you don’t it is very much the same thing when we are analyzing network traffic. You are going to see your target or you are not. What is the difference when you get caught, the other one you don’t. So there is lots of techniques in which we can cover and we are going to combine all of them together to make you the most ultimate penetration tester out there. Don’t be fooled by other script kiddy stuff that is child’s play. There is new techniques and we can evade up intrusion detection systems, firewalls and honey pots if you know what you are looking for. So let us go ahead and get started.

Get introduced to intrusion detection systems (IDS), firewalls and honeypots with this module overview video. You’ll learn how to identify what types of intrusion challenges hide themselves and how you can reveal them through penetration testing. You’ll learn what to look for, where, and how to spot intrusions, as well as indirect/combined techniques to you address today’s dynamic intrusion challenges.

The topics explored in the IDS, firewalls and honeypots module include:

-Whiteboard, which shows the interrelationship of all the basic components you must master for this module
-There are no simulation labs for this module.

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