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starting out with their icons with tech slide, I want to bring your attention back to the top left, where we can see the name of this slide icons with text.
Whatever slide you are currently working on the name of that slide will show up in this top left section. This makes it extremely easy. If you like the look of a slide within a presentation but do not want to copy the content, you can go back to the slides selection screen and look for the name of the slide. You want to get the original template layout
moving on. As we can see on our screen, there are multiple text boxes and areas to place an image. The text boxes work just as any other text boxes do, allowing you to click and type in your titles and subtitles is needed
to create a subtitle under your current text box. You just need to hit the return or enter key, which will automatically add one under the current text box you were working in.
Now. Each slide work slightly differently and might allow you to create more than one subtitle text box. But on this one it only allows for one. For instance, if I hit the return key again when in the subtitle box, it just extends the current text box and does not add 1/3 text box below.
When clicking within a text box, we will see that Beautiful gives us a couple of options here. The option for bold is a great tool to use when you want to emphasize something on a slide.
You can see this on the quiz question slides with answers bold and in pink. This also gives us options to italicize or add a link to our text. To the right of these options, we see this 100%. This is used to determine the scale of the text size.
It will always start at 100% and provides you with the slide bar to choose which size works best for you.
For the titles, it will change the size of the lone title section.
If I, however, changed the tech size under one of these icons, then it will automatically change all of the similar text boxes below the other icons. This insurers that the formatting of your slides is always in sync and removes the need for changing each item individually. Now let's try to add some images to thes icon boxes
Do that. We just have to click on the camera icon within the circle.
Once clicked, we will be brought to another screen to selector image. Since this is the icons with text slide, it brings us directly to the icon selection screen.
As we can see, beautiful Dot II provides thousands of icons to choose from. But what if we don't want to use a Nikon? Well, on the left hand side, we can see this column here, which shows us our other options. Starting at the top, we see import image. This will allow you to import your own images from your computer to use in the course.
This works for screenshots as well as any other type of image.
Below that, we see the stock photos option. This is a great tool as it pulls thousands of images directly from unspool ash dot com, A free to use stock image site for you to create with
even better at the top of the screen. It gives us a search bar so that we can look for the exact picture we want.
I'm going to do a generic search for hacker and select one of these images to use in my slide.
Once selected, beautiful will automatically try and fit the picture within the bubble provided. If you want to adjust the picture more thing, click on the picture and we can see the camera icon come back up.
If we click this, it will give us a few options like replace image, adjust image and remove image
to make adjustments. Go ahead and select. Adjust image. Selecting. This will also give us a couple options here. The first is a slide bar, which can be used to zoom in or out of the picture.
The second option will resend to your picture to how beautiful first laid it out for you.
The third option will flip the orientation of the picture horizontally, and the last button will give you options for adding filters or adjusting the picture settings like brightness, contrast and blur.
Also, if you want to focus on a particular part of an image, one is in the adjustment menu. You're able to click and drag the picture around to focus on what's most important
when you're finished. With your adjustments, you can click the X icon to exit out
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