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Hey, everyone. Kennedale here, Master Instructor. A cyber. I want to film a short video on how to actually use to score. Now, it won't cover every single possible feature
in this video. But we'll cover some of the basic stuff that will help you get started
either building your course or as a teaching assistant helping out on different courses and even other projects as well.
So first things first. Once you get the link and, uh, created discord account and get access to the community,
you can go to the welcome section here. I would actually suggest you go to the frequently asked questions. If you go there first, is gonna give you some ah, brief overview of these different channels and sort of which way you should go. But let's start off with the welcome area here.
Um, this is gonna be where you are. You could find the creator community guidelines document, so that'll give you some information about how you should be using to scored sort of behaviour you should be doing. We do like to keep things somewhat casual, but when we say that it's really business casual, right, we do have a random channel.
And that's where you can post things like cap names or
articles, that sort of stuff. Um
and then mostly the Quest Board is gonna be where you'll find your assignments at, so you'll see all the available projects there. But don't feel like you're limited there. You might see somebody mentioned and some other channel about a project they're working on. Just make sure you go to the quest for Channel, though, and say, Hey, are you still meeting people to help out on this particular project?
The introductions area is a place for you to actually just kind A. Introduce yourself to the community, right? So you'll see some people on the screen here introducing themselves just a little bit of background about yourself. Are you inside the security? Are you trying to get into the industry? It's very important that you give a brief introduction because what you may find is that somebody
the list, let's say you're trying to get into the industry and you're trying to find a job. Your first job in cyber security
and you post here and say Yes, I'm you know, I've got some Mikey experience and but I'm looking for my first cyber security specific job
and then somebody in the community here. Either there are higher manager or they know of a position open. Then they could communicate to you directly and say, Hey, I know about this job if you're interested in. So that's why it's important for you to go ahead and introduce yourself and not just a Hello, actually introduce yourself a little bit and let people know what your what your goal with the community is,
and also sort of, what's your goal in life is right. You're trying to get a job trying to get a promotion. He was trying to network a little bit.
If you let people know if you speak up and let people know they're more likely to actually help you, right, because nobody's a mind reader. We can't read your mind to figure out what's what you actually want to do.
Creator Resource is, is gonna have all the documentation to help you build out your course, Um, and as a teaching assistant, if you're trying to do things like building Scylla by for instructors, you'll find all the templates here, and there's a whole lot of them were not gonna actually click on any of those, but feel free to check out that area and use those. Resource is
community news was where you'll find things posted from the cyber team. So things about new courses that have come out. In fact, we've got the box set up to post the YouTube video where it talks about what's come out this week on, then any other information that we need, we feel the community needs to know you're gonna find in the community the news area.
Also, when we have our monthly calls, you'll find the links posted in here is, well,
already talked about the F A Q. Section. There again, it gives you some information about the different channels, and we're gonna go through. Like I said, some of the most common ones here, random channels where you're gonna find a bunch of cap names as you see right there on the screen. Ah, you'll see a bunch of cat means and some other random discussions, random articles,
just some generalized communication. We want to have a channel in there where you can kind of be yourself a little bit and just network with people and have some fun,
General chap.
Ah, it's gonna be your adrenalized topics. Most people
use the random channel for sort of the general stuff. But if you've got some information that may be valuable to someone, so here you'll see talking about maybe a free trial of some software, something. So if you know of things like Dad, you can post him in the general chat or the rand and channel eyes perfectly fine. Those sort of, um,
nonbusiness, non professional types of conversations as you you know, things that cat means right. Those will go in the random channel. So you that's your yes, you're even more casual type of conversation Now. One thing to keep in mind is you don't want to talk about how you're hacking. You know, somebody's computer or something like that because that stuff's illegal. So no illegal chat,
um, in any of the channel's here that will get you booted from the community
Quest borders, I mentioned. That's where you can find all the assignment. So what you'll see here is that you'll see people from cyber. We will post different things that they need help on Project wise. Um, and you'll also see that instructors or other members of community we're posting here that they need assistance on things. So this is where you need to go.
If you're looking to help out on something,
this is a channel to go to. It's the Quest Board Channel. Yule Syria. That page. He's one of our senior T A's. She's looking for some help writing lab description. So this is where everyone will post what they need, including myself. So if you're looking to help out on any of my courses, be sure to keep an eye on this channel. Um,
here we have the support channel. There is if you find any issues going on with,
ah, discord it all or anything that's happening or the box or anything like that. I just post him in here, um, and take the cyber team and we'll take a look at those.
You'll see some other things here that you may not be able to see on your side of things because I've got more administrative type access compared to most people in the community. But there's some other things here is Well,
as we come down here, what you'll see is various projects that are in place and with the projects in the courses, of course, development stuff and question building and all that good stuff. What you'll do is in the Quest Board Channel. When you say, Hey, I want to do this thing then someone from the cyber team or even the instructor in some cases
will add you to the course, right, So we'll add you into the channel. So, as an example, we just click on one of the courses here,
and this one, it's Ah Aws, sort of Ah, smaller course that's coming out. And so we've got teaching assistants reviewing it. Right now, you'll see what they do. What we do is we'll post a link to the videos, normally to be a box link. In this case, I did it as a Google drive so everyone can access it pretty quickly. But normally to be a box link shared in there
along with, like, this alibi of stuff, you'll also usually see the instructor
talking through things in their channel. They'll give you some instructions and kind of guide people as we're building out the course now. This particular course was done before we need to
have TA help on it. So that's why it's kind of like this where they're just reviewing the videos at this point. Um, and you notice here that they leave all the feedback inside of the channel that's gives it gives us a one stop shop, essentially right toe to go view all the the feedback. It also gives everyone in this channel the ability to collaborate
and see everyone's feedback and then make it a better experience for students.
So you'll see here all the feedback on this particular course, and that's exactly how we do it. You posted the Quest Board that you're looking for something or that you want to help out on a certain thing, and then we'll add you into these particular channels, and then you'll see everything in here is faras. What do you need to do? What's already been happening with the messaging?
And then you can help on the course. And that might include reviewing videos might include
building things like study guides, quiz questions, etcetera. There's a lot of things you can do for a course, so don't hesitate to jump in on things. Um,
so we've got several things into scored. We also have the baht umm and Ah, sometimes there may be issues with the boss. Sometimes it works, but you could find instructions. Um, up here in the resource is channel, so you can find it up there. On that, I'll walk you through some basic instructions on the body itself.
So in this video has covered a brief overview of the score. Some of the channels you need to pay attention to, specifically the Quest Board channel if you want to actually do anything and help out,
Um and that's also where they'll, uh the team will let you know on certain projects if that means like, free and started pro. Or if it means like maybe you get swag or something like that. So there are those special projects that they'll be posted in there as well, So you'll find all that stuff in the Quest Board channel to help out for the community. There
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