How to Secure Data

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Hello and welcome to Sigh Berries Comp. Tia certified a van Security Practitioners certification preparation course
like they're working me to a margin on the fire. We just hired a whole security controls.
These, in fact, are the main objective, which encompasses this particular margin of five. At this point, let's turn out that you're discussing how to secure data.
This is actually a title section three. How to Secure Data.
We have only one objective for this particular presentation. But before we get going, let's take a look at this pre assessment question, and the question is as follows. Which statement about data loss prevention is not true? Is it a. It can only protect that and why it's under user's personal computer. Be
it can scan data on a DVD.
See it can re inside compress files or D. A policy violation can generate, report or block the data.
If you said like that eight, you're absolutely correct because it can only protect data. Why it's on the user's personal computer is the correct response.
Now, as we begin, the process of taking a look at the process is curing data, one of things that come to mind when you think about securing data, we realize that data is in fact is a life but of an organization. And so when you look it over his ex today, they need to work. Today it involves this process involves the electron. It will be called Elektronik collaboration.
In this case, data must freely flow
and the data security is also very important. When you look at big data, it refers to a collector data set so large and complex that becomes difficult to process using two additional data process and APS data loss prevention. Other hand is a system of security tools
used to recognize and identify critical data
and ensure that it's protected. The ultimate goes protected data from unauthorized users.
Now, as we begin, the process is to examine its price of devil oh prevention. We realized that data in itself was eyes and three different states data and use data in transit and then, lastly, data at rest. So when we look at data in use,
this example be creating a report from a computer is considered data in use.
There we have data in transit that mean data has literally been transmitted across our Internet Internet work or throughout our network, from computers and so forth. That's called data in transit. Then we have data at rest this data stored on Elektronik media that's considered data at rest.
Now, when you think about most data loss prevention system, they use what we call a content inspection essential where this is a security and analysis of the transaction within its approved context. In this case, it looked at the security level, the data
who was requested,
Weather Data Store and when it was requested and west going the data loss of injustice. We can also use a process called index matching. In this case, doctors have been identified as needed protection are analyzed by the devil's prevention type process,
or mechanisms and complex computation conduct based on the analysis.
Now there's three types of data loss prevention senses that you need to be aware we have the data loss prevention network. Sensus. Didn't we have a downed loss prevention storage census and then we have a dead loss Prevention
agent senses when you look at it that a loss network censors then installed on the perimeter network to protect the data in transit by monitoring all network traffic. The data loss prevention store senses they're designed to protect data at rest your data loss prevention. Eight agents senses
these are installed on each host Dr or Device, in other words,
and protect data in use. Now, when a positive violation is a technique by the don't let that a loss prevention agents, as reported back to the daughter loss prevention server
in this case, at that point, different actions can be and be taken.
Data loss prevention is a strategy for making sure that Indians do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network. The terms also used to describe suffer products that help a network administrative control what data and uses can in fact, transfer.
At this point, we have a post assessment question, and the question is as followed. Which of these is not a state of data that the data loss prevention examine Is it a data in use?
Be doubting process, see down in transit or data at rest.
If you sell it to be, you're absolutely correct because it has data in process.
During this particular presentation, we briefly took a look at that, a loss prevention identified critical data high, identifies quicker data and Marcia and protects it, and we also walk you through a content inspection or discuss exactly what that entails
in upcoming presentations. We've been moving on at a discussion by taking a look at Section four, which is titled Operating and Figure Cloud Security. Look forward to seeing you in the very next video.
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