How to Create a Tailored Governance and Management System

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to lesson for 0.5. How to create a tailor governance and management system.
My name is whole 100 Gina, and I'll be your instructor for today's lesson.
The learning our relatives of this lesson is to identify and understand the impact of deciding factors on a governance in management system.
So, in back of design, factors in this lesson will see higher level overview of the potential impact of this time factors on a government system for the enterprise. I t. It also the school wants to describe you know, I have high level workflow.
I'll design a tailor government system
for the enterprise Morning for mention on the subject could be found a copy. 2018 Designed Guide Design factors influence in different ways. The tailor A tailoring off the government system often enterprise this publication. The coveted Fascinating design guide
distinguishes three different types
off impact in this cage against you can see it in your strength.
The 1st 1 management architect priority selection.
The Carpet court model contains 40. Governance and management are negatives h consistent of the process and a number related to a component on. There is no natural order off priority amongst them.
However, design factors can influence in the cute equivalence on makes some governance and management operatives more important than others. Sometimes, to the extent that the governance and management operatives might become the main priority to achieve in the business calls
in practice, this higher importance
translates into setting higher target capability levels for important governance and measurement operatives. So recall that, do you recall that in the previous lessons we saw capability and maturity, you can set on a specific level for any off the you know you can take the car in court
model that contains the 40 governance and myself are adjectives
which, by the way, we'll see it in more detail in for in the next lessons.
In this case, like for example, you can take a governance objectivity and you can say, OK, we will. We will achieve the level five off maturity or capability in this process are in this focus area will not achieve maybe a little too or level one
for these other process because this process is not actually
directly helping to achieve the business goals, because remember that achieving ascertain level of maturity or capability means that you have to invest a lot of money
or more money. Um, a CZ. You go higher in the capability or material level instructor,
for example. And if you continue with the management oddity priority insulation, let me give you a minor example. For some. When an enterprise identifies the most reliable Enterprise bowl from the Enterprise Bowl list, I applied the goals cascade. These will lead to escalation off,
rarely management archetypes.
For example, when easier one remember portfolio and competitive products and service is is rank at a very high, you know, very high in the enterprise because maybe the business is actually trying to create
innovative products or new products, and service is for for their customers.
They will make management operative a p o manage portfolio, uh, on important part of this enterprise governance system. So, yeah, again, thes is, these are generic approach. Remember, covet is just a framework that you will adapt to your to your business goals.
The second certainly impact on the design factors. These components
variation components are required to cheap governance and management operatives. Some design factors can influence the importance off one or more components and can require specific variations. But for example, an enterprise which operates in a high,
highly regulated environment, for example, a bank
or know anything that has to do good money will attribute more importance to documented work products of policies and procedures after some some roles. For example, complaints officer function
just to mention, you know, an example
and finally ah,
need for specific focus area. Some design factors, such as threat landscape, specific risk, target development methods on infrastructure setup, will drive the need for variation off the court core carpet model content to specific context.
For example, a smile or medium enterprises have less stuff.
If you were resources and, you know shorter, I'm more direct reporting. Nice on
my differ many more experts from a large enterprise. For that reason, their government system for my tea will have to be less strict comfort lecture enterprises. So, for example, you cannot apply the same again remembered with at the beginning off these course,
we said that we need to define the context of the business you're working on.
So you know it is Miss, not only assessing that
again the example. We so, um, differentiating any comments from a gas station. Let's say that you are many commerce, but you know, you have to consider also the large or dis ice off. The company is not, you know,
be the same controls it will. It will not be the same.
Delegation will not be the same organizational instructors for is milder form a lot for a large company
described the management obviously priority selection, design factor. Well, in this design factor itself, remember that we saw the big thing is what the first same fact. Russo. It contains three court carpet model that you know, 40 governance and my national operatives,
each consistent of the process and a number
related components that there is no natural order rarely amongst them. Um, we saw an example like when the enterprise identifies the most relevant old you need to, you know, see which process or or governance my mom or management operatives
is more important to you.
Ah, and apply maybe a more, uh,
more money or more resources to acquire a higher level off capability maturity for that specific process which you know is actually helping you to achieve a business holes and maybe for other processes that maybe are important to you, but you know
they're not directly helping to achieve the business goal.
You can just, you know, best resources to a chip, maybe a little too little one capability or maturity levels
mentioned the three main impacts of the San factor
well, his management operative priority and selection, components, variation and need for a specific, focused area.
In today's video, we discuss the impact of the same factors on the government's and management system
again. Supplementary materials, not on the same assault with ice aka, um,
you can just, you know, by I recommend you to go and
get the lines is the annual license for, uh, it's kind of a subscription subscription you pay for for them, and you have another second certification like, for example, a risk for risk management process. You can get more discounts on these publications.
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you get the video and talk to you soon.
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