Host Security Controls Part 1

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Hello and welcome to Siberia is comped ear certified advance security practices. Certification. Preparation course.
Let's take a look at margin of a fire. We'll just had a whole security controls
in a previous video. Highlight the objectives for Margin over five.
Let's not turn out to George discussing that very first section, which is titled Whole Security Control.
Whole Secured Control has only one learning objective, which will be highlighting doing this particular presentation.
Let's turn our teacher to award the discussion of a pre assessment question, and the coursing is as follows. And the question is what Mayor we're gives administrative level control over computer system.
Is that a root kit? Be our Children horse, sea worm or D spyware?
If you said let it, eh? You're absolutely correct Root kit. A root kit, in fact, is a software hardware device designed to gain administrator level control over computer system without being detected.
A root kit. What they do, they can actually literally target your bios, your hyper visor, your boot loader or other applications.
Then we take a look at the title off threats to our hosts that brings about the course in port in the world is a holes. When you think about a hostess, anything with an I P address is considered our holes because it can be attack, and that comprises service.
You have clients, which include the mobile telephones, mobile devices I pass and so forth routers
as well as firewalls.
Now, when you go into the prices, actually, securing the holes may say anything to get their I. P address is considered a holes. These are some of the things that you might want to implore to protect that particular holes. For example, you want to protect the physical device itself. You might wanna also look at securing the operating system
as well as used some type of anti matter where type software is another way of moving toward securing that host.
When you're looking at securing your devices and you think about security controls, its any device or process, they used to reduce the risk. When you think about a risk, a risk it considered a tolerable uncertain, obviously that's always arrest. So what we want to do is implore some type of control to what mitigate a minimize the impact of that potential threat.
Now there's two levels
off security and shows at you as a future certified advanced critic practice that need to be aware of. They are a sick administrative controls, which are processes for developing sure that the policies and procedures that carry out then we have our technical show, which are controlled, that it carried out or manage by devices.
Now we had one and looking at security in terms of defense for these various advise you haven't external permit. Defense also had to look at internal as well, not external pregnant offensive designed to restrict access to the equipment. Areas obviously can implore Different types of defenses range from various guards motion detection devices
again, as I mentioned, you have barriers which offenses that could be tall that could be a permanent type structure you use. Modern permanent fences are equipped with other determine, such as proper lighting and sign. It is another way to try to mitigate that exposure. Barrett case, which are large concrete ones, should be used as well.
We can also implore God's human guards. We can also employed various technologies such as
video surveillance cameras. Closed circuit television are obviously all means off what protecting our implement some type of what we call external perimeter defenses.
We also have motion detectors, which again these determined objects change in motion. Relation to its around us this movement use it generates an audible alarm.
We also that thing about internal physical access, security as well. These protection include what we have. Hardware locks, proximity readers, access less, man trapped.
You also can protect this description distribution systems for cabling as well. We have to look not only from exterior perspective. We have to look at it from internal perspective. We look at trying to what securities? Various devices.
We look at a hardware locket basis of standard key entry lock that provides minimal security. You can also employed Deadlock, which provide additional security guards to implore cipher lots, which are a combination of a lot. They use button that must be pushed in the proper sequence, and the cops could be programmed
to allow certain individual cold to be verified or validated on specific dates and Times
Force recommended Kii Mansion procedures. You wanna inspect your locker regular assure that you the issue of keys on Lito authorized users not everybody should actually have those access. It should be on a need to know basis. We will also keep track of issued keys.
We'll take a look at massacre. Should not be it. Have identifying marks were made Sure Secure unsecure keys in a safe place. We'll make sure we start with some type of protocol of procedures tomorrow to the use of the locks and keys. Mass. A lot keys will know. We'll make sure they don't not duplicated no former fashion. We'll make sure we changed the locks after the kids laws
or some form of theft has occurred.
We have proximity readers. These are devices that use an object of our physical token. Identify a person with authorization to access the area. We can also employee i D badges proximity readers. Also, they receive receive a signal I D badges that could be taken by price product. 70 readers often did it what we call
r F I. D tags
and the badges can remain in obviously and embarrass pocket. So again, we have the ability to utilize the devices even though they may be in your pocket or not.
We were also unemployed access list. We're gonna have a record of individuals who have permission to enter a secure area. We also may have some means by which we recorded time that he entered at whether left man traps are separate, secure from a non secure area. These air device monitors and chose to to interlock and doors on one door, maybe opening a times we're gonna employ man traps as another means. What mitigating exposure as well,
Then we have the internal physical security. We still talking about internal physical access security. We're gonna have what we call protected distribution system or PDS. These are, in fact, a system of cable conduit used to protect our classified information that's been transmit between secure areas. This was created by Deal D
the opposite two types of what we call protected distribution system. We have the harden, Carrie or PDS, which again the conduit is constructed up special electrical metallic. Oh, tubing.
We also have the alarm carrying PDS or other words protected distribution system. It has a specialized optical fiber in the conduit. That sense is accused of variations that occur when an intruder attempt to gain access.
We also did look at a hardware securities Well, memories. When you lick it is trying to protect reviving that just came. Look from physical security. We also had to look at hardware, security, all other means that's a possible available to us. When you look at hardware security, it's a physical security that protecting the heart with the whole system,
most poor to revise that have what we call a steel brackets securities slot
you also employed a cable lot can be inserted to the slot and security device and a cable connected. A lot can be secured to a dance or chair. Obviously, the reason for this is a lot of times we have these various devices.
If they're not secure in some form or fashion, they literally develop feet, feet and legs and walk away. So we want to make sure that those devices are security in place.
I'm gonna make sure we have employed Locking cabinets can be pre wired for power and network connection and getting allow the device to charge wise been store.
This brings us to securing operating system. There are five step process for protecting your operating system. First of all, you will develop that security policy before my whole software based lining configure operating system security settings gonna make sure deplore and Mancheck critics security settings as well. And if in some form of patch management,
where you going to the price of developed that security policy again, it's a document that clearly defined over this defense mechanisms gonna perform heart? Where are your hosts? Software based lining again? This encompasses a standard. Or check this against which systems can be evaluated.
Well, don't look at the configuration said it could be used for each computer and the organization as well.
We'll also make sure we configure operating system. Security settings wouldn't make sure those sittings are obviously up to date in a timely fashion.
Looking at modern operations, they have hundreds of different security settings that could be manipulated to conform to a baseline tipo configuration based on should include changes. The insecurity felt settings. Eliminating unnecessary software service is off protocols and also enabling security features such as your firewall as well.
We might wanna also deploy and manage the security settings. The opposite. There are tools that are available for us that we could actually automate this process. We can employ security template, which is a collection security configuration settings. We can also you Liza group policy to deploy that, in other words, ah, good example is if we have a bunch of service sitting around in the office
and we said that Windows Server 2016.
We have one server, we've set up our initial baseline security settings, and we think that those centers are adequate. Then we can. You Liza group pilots set into deplore does enterprise wider words. All of various service would have the same basic based on security settings, obviously as the
security threat evolves and as we mentioned for particular within the ram of security, that threats are constantly evolving, becoming much more sophisticated.
So what we have to do is opposite. When that happens, we need to go do is go back and we do that. Initial security baseline setting off say, for example, in one hour service. Create that security template. And then I'll go back and redeploy that, utilizing a group policy.
You also want to implement Ah, highly proactive patch Marriage of process operates system have increased in size and complexity. New attack tools make have been made security function much more vulnerable. We wanna make sure that when they have some available security patches again, these are somewhere security upgrades to repair discovered vulnerabilities
from time to time that maybe vulnerability. Discover,
for example, within Microsoft or some other bender. And obviously, what they do, they create a security patch of what we need to do is make sure we deplore that pact with the night environment. Obviously, we want first of our test that out within a virtual environment, for we deplore that enterprise. Why, we're make sure, because just because say, for example,
myself comes out with a patch doesn't necessarily mean that could have some far reaching implications and regards to our own individual
network type invigorate. So we want to make sure we test it out. First of all, we have hot fixes, which again they are dressed specific customer situations. We also have service packs, which again it accumulates security updates and additional features as well.
Doing this particular section, we discuss and highlighted and secure. It controls any the device of control used to reduce the risk. We also learned that hardware lots for doors are important to protect the equipment.
We learned that hardware security, it's physical security. It involves protecting the heart well. The whole system,
in addition to protect the heart. What operates it that runs on the holes also learned that that must be protected as well.
We also learned that modern operates system have 100 different security settings that can be manipulated to conform to the baseline.
We learned that operates system. An additional third party anti matter what saw what practice can provide an added security as well.
And our upcoming video We continue our discussing Ah, whole security control, which is a continuation.
I look forward to seeing you in the next video.
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